Biscina to Gubbio

Hi there,

Well sadly this is my last blog post for a little while…. I had planned to show you sumptuous photos of the next phase of my indulgent italian journey…even though I can hardly say the past 8 or 9 days can be described as such!! Maybe ‘ enjoyable torture’ is a better way to describe it…but the Umbrian walk was despite the difficulty at times…really wonderful.

I was planning to show you mouth watering dishes typical to Tuscany, which I had lovingly prepared under the tuition of the chef of the cooking school where I had been going to reside in Tuscany for a week. I had wanted to share with you a few tips on the art of cooking and preparing  gloriously simple Italian food… the differences in olive oils, cheeses and the preparation of homemade pasta…. however sadly my 90 year old father is very ill in hospital and I’m now sitting at Rome airport waiting for a flight to carry me back to Australia, where I can be closer to him and my family.When two of my daughters phoned him this morning , his words were to them…’I’m a bit crook’ and that’s exactly what he is. Time to rally around and help to provide him and my mother, strength.

Maybe St Francis was watching out for us after all on our walk despite all our protests… hardly the way to honour a saint who apparently took poverty and suffering to the extreme : ( ..When  I had word of my fathers illness yesterday we were not far from Gubbio, the last day of our walk….
I was able to make a quick decision to catch the train back to Rome today with Jo, who is heading back to her family in Melbourne tomorrow. I cancelled my travel to Tuscany and easily was able to change my flight. Jo and I had a wonderful afternoon when we arrived this afternoon in Roma…reliving a small portion of the absolute wonder of this incredible city and its history.

Ok yesterday…our walk from Biscina to Gubbio.

We left bright and early as we knew that the day would be long and strenuous. We were laden with food as there were no bars or food stops for the first 6 hours. It had been a very cool night and as we walked out of Biscina the resulting early rising mist was truly beautiful! I’m going to show you a few photos : )






Again the path was really beautiful…….


And really tough….. : (



At one stage, we were besieged by mud once again and luckily those who had been before us had provided ingenious solutions to crossing raging torrents….. well maybe I should say……..swollen streams : )


Oh, I forgot to show you a few photos of perfectly formed webs laden with dew…. Sparkling in the morning light.



Gorgeous wild flowers…


So many beautiful photo opportunities yesterday….I’m finding it hard not to post to many as I’m worried I may bore you a little : (

We arrived in Gubbio in good time..after about 7 1/2 hours…which was just great….. with the addition of food breaks.
Gubbio is another stunning village…full of history and religion but it lacked a soul we thought. Maybe it was the fact that it was a little neglected, or maybe this feeling is emitted from those that inhabit it….or maybe it was just our perception on the day…a long walk, tiredness, worry and plan changes…can all change ones perception.
A few more photos and then Ill have to board my flight!


The streets of Gubbio.


Looking down on Gubbio, from a funicular that ran steeply up the side of the hill.

…and finally.. a meal at the end of another truly wonderful experience with my perfect little walking partner buddy : )


Well my friends, it’s time for me to go now: ) I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings once again… and maybe have been inspired… just a little.. to venture out on foot when next you travel. It’s a truly incredible way to bury down beneath the surface and layers of a new country and presents the opportunity to understand it and its people, just a little deeper….. from a more intuitive perspective .

Love to all,

Netia XX

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7 Responses to Biscina to Gubbio

  1. Lisa Philips says:

    Thanks once again for allowing us to follow yourself and Jo’s journey. I would love to catch up with you one day as I would like to do a walk next year and I’m sure you would have lots of advise from your experiences. I hope your father is ok and look forward to your next adventure.

  2. Claude Essiembre says:

    Thanks for sharing Netia and wishing your father well.

  3. walkmag says:

    Grazie mille for sharing your ramblings and excellent pics., all the best to your family Maggie 🙂

  4. Karin L says:

    What a shame you had to cut your journey short. Family is much more important and Tuscany can wait until next summer. it was great following your blog anyway. x

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