Il Pioppo to Biscina

Buona sera!…….

Wish I could be saying buona notte…. but it’s going to be a few more hours before those words are uttered from my lips. I’m soooooo tired : (
Please don’t misunderstand me though…I have enjoyed every minute of this little adventure. As with any walk there are always the times when you have to dig deep and rise above your discomforts in order to fully appreciate the wonder… but here we have another little metaphor for life : )

The Umbrian countryside can only be described as big, big ups and steep, steep downs! Despite its strenuous nature….it is very, very beautiful. Each day we have thought, well…. we should be as high as we can possibly climb but the next day just seems to bring more of the same. Im not quite sure whether I explained to you the exact details of our few short days walking in Umbria. In the first few days we walked solely around the Assisi area, taking in the important walking routes and sights peculiar to St. Francis but now we are following the Via Francigena di San Francisco route…however only three days of it. We are now walking against the flow of pilgrim traffic…who all seem to be heading in the direction of Rome, as we are now walking north from Assisi to Gubbio…most other pilgrims are heading south.

The beauty of this for us is….we are meeting many pilgrims on the tracks, there’s the opportunity to stop and have a chat about where they have come from and where they are going…..but more importantly it allows us to have a little breather and a REST!!! It’s interesting how many have walked the Camino de Santiago and other routes in Spain…but now feel the desire to walk other spiritual paths. Sadly I have to say…on this little spiritual journey for Jo and I , there has been much blaspheming ….maybe that was why the great St. Francis was surrounding us with mighty rolls of thunder, ominously close by…this afternoon : (
I’m trying to be very, very good…. But sometimes, it’s very, very hard : )

Ok, now it’s time for a few photos…. and then I’m going to do my daily hand washing, have some dinner… then very early night for me…and I think Jo is thinking the same as well. Last night my bed was so tiny, I spent the whole night thinking I was going to fall out and tonight it seems that things will be not much different : ( I may be better off to lay the mattress on the floor and then I’ll have no worries and hopefully just a dreamed filled sleep : )

Sensational countryside to day… Spellbinding !

A lovely shady track..


A gorgeous, quaint little church dating back to the 1200’s that we passed….in the middle of nowhere, I might add.

Part of this beautiful track.


Looking back down to a magnificent gully andwaterfall.


The Castello di Biscina in the distance…. close to our bed for the night, at Agriturismo Tenuta di Biscina.

A lovely lunch stop on a very rickety bench and table… The photo was taken by a German couple walking the trail.


Deforestation of the Umbrian countryside : (




Time for me to say goodbye for today….. relaxation and unwinding time…. : )

Love Netia X

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5 Responses to Il Pioppo to Biscina

  1. Hi Netia , at the beginning I thought you were going on a nice stroll , without heavy packs…but that is………..not…………the case………….Coming from Fidenza on VF heading to Rome will I be having the same as hills as your trail.?

  2. Karin says:

    great reading – thank you. Karin Luciano. x

  3. Luv your honesty Netia…lol. You have an amazing way of capturing the beauty of every area you visit, both in writing and with your photo’s. Always a worthwhile experience and enjoy!

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