Costa di Trex to Il Pioppo

Hello : )

Today was a really lovely day…stunning countryside, beautiful weather and a few little ‘incidences’ along the way … which after a reasonable amount of time spent blogging my walks now, seems to be the norm. With very few exceptions.. the day may start out looking very straightforward but invariably, some little diversion presents itself to change the dynamics…sometimes good and sometimes bad…. but there’s always a story to tell : )

This morning, at our holiday farm where we were staying, we met Petra who is responsible for our maps etc. to explain our concerns about being seriously lost yesterday. Translating instructions from one language to another is always fraught with danger and we felt the need for her to know our she maybe could adjust the guides to be a little clearer for English speaking walkers.

This morning we were to walk 6 kms back into Assisi, and then carry on walking the official Via Francigena di San Francisco route for the next 3 days. Normally this route heads in the direction of Rome but we are walking in the opposite direction. As a result we met many groups along the way, allowing us to have opportunities to stop and have a chat… discovering the story of others, from not only Italy but also other parts of Europe. As Petra was heading back into Assisi we decided to catch a lift with her, have a coffee, organise some lunch to take with us and have another look at the Basilica. Perfecto!! This also allowed us to rest our bodies a little after a strenuous past few days : )

Beautiful Assisi streets.

This beautiful dove was perched on the side of a wall as we were making our way to have one last look at the Basilica. Once inside this magnificent structure we were drawn to one of the many frescoes adorning its walls. It was a painting of St Francis… surrounded by white doves.
When we left…you’re not going to believe this… we were unable to find the correct way to take, in order to exit the city. After some traipsing about we realised that the corner where the beautiful dove was still sitting was the way we were supposed to go…. It was another of those special moments : )

It was a really beautiful walk today. A little difficult at times but generally good walking with spectacular countryside.. I’ll show you a few photos.

Looking back as we walk away from Assisi towards Il Pioppo.


Beautiful fields of poppies and wheat.


A beautiful wild flower lined path.

A cute little stream crossing.

We came across this little heart that someone had formed from the little pods and Jo was certain it was there for her…I’m not so sure though : )



Jo looking very pensive and we with a face full of food : ( A beautiful lunch spot we found.

A lovely view looking back down the valley from where we had come. Now, I have little story about my hat : ) If any of you have read my VF blog you may recall that on the last day, in La Storta before our walk into Rome…I lost my very precious hat…I was devastated!! That hat had travelled many, many kms with me…protected me from not only the savage rays of the sun but also at times driving, piercing shards of rain…to me it had been like a best friend.. There to protect and support whenever I needed its offer of assistance. I arrived back in Melbourne feeling a small emptiness that we had parted company. The wonderful thing was hat was manufactured by the Tilley company and they are happy to replace any losses or damages with a 50 per cent refund. I made full use of this opportunity and now I have an exact replacement, which is serving me well : )

Well as usual… a special day always ends with a few surprises.. : ) we had only about an hour of walking to go but we struck MUD…! I’ll emphasise that and say a LOT OF MUD AND VERY DEEP MUD!! Here are some photos as my little iPad is about to run out of battery but I just want to show you what I mean!!!



We literally took off our boots to wade through it….there was no other option : (
On that note .. even though I have a definite aversion to mud and its insidious nature…once lulled into its web… I quite enjoyed the the intimacy of it as it squished through my toes : ) : )

On that note, I think I better go and have dinner.

Love Netia X

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