Nocera to Costa di Trex

Hi there!

Where do I start……. such a big day… !!!

I have, without a doubt… suddenly realised why St Francis died at the tender age of 26… HEART ATTACK !!, Such a strenuous route we followed today and it was one of the great Francisco’s regular paths

Besides being another day of up,up,up…we also got lost and had to be rescued : ) It was a day full of surprises….but in saying that, maybe not. More often than not I find on walks such as this..a twist usually appears to how you expect the outcome to be each day. And today was no exception : )

I’ll start from the beginning….

We left Nocera this morning at 7.45. We had decided that we wouldn’t have breakfast at the ‘delightful’ Hotel Europa which was our home for the night, as our rooms were filthy and we didn’t want to risk food poisoning….. As it turned out on surveying the breakfast that was laid out for us..we would have had the opportunity to consume warm tubs of yoghurt, stale white bread and jam and coffee from a automatic machine.. : (

Instead we sat and had a delicious coffee at a nearby bar, then about an hour down the track we visited another bar for coffee and had a sumptuous breakfast of foods I had purchased the day before…. creamy cheese, mouth watering tomatoes, succulent ham, perfect greens and crisp fresh bread….all washed down with the most perfect coffee : ) On the coffee subject… We have the ordering down to a fine art! We ask firstly for a cafe americano, which usually is delivered as a shot of coffee in a large cup. The trick …for us…is to then ask for latte caldo and aqua calda seperado ( I know separado is Spanish but it always works) We then have the opportunity to mix our coffee to just the way we like it! Perfecto!!

I just want to show you a photo looking back on Nocera as we started our walk today. Last night In my blog post I neglected to mention that in 1997 this area was hit by major earthquakes : (
As a result the stunning old town of Nocera is under major restoration and reconstruction…and this has led to Nocera Centro being pretty much a ghost town….only in a very few parts of this impressive town are there signs of inhabitants… There is still so much to do…even though it is 16 years on but the costs of the restoration works must be phenomenal!!


Looking at this photo you will see a newer area in front of the majestic old town of Nacero. This is where we stayed the night.

Well…our day : )

We left the little bar about an hour out of Nocera, after consuming a very satisfying breakfast…feeling good : ) The morning was again simply stunning, the air was crisp and clear and the random fragrances of honeysuckle and wild herbs saturated our senses …very beautiful. When allowed to wander in these circumstances the mind a tunes itself to the smallest of details. It’s really a very wonderful state to be in….every bug, leaf, blade of grass and sound is bought into sharp focus.
A couple of pictures from this morning.



All was good and very beautiful… until we started to go UP again!! We began to climb up steep, shaley tracks…feeling buoyant in the beginning ….but we kept going up and up and up and the mood shifted….a little. It’s so important to maintain the focus when walking long distances and in difficult conditions and that’s always my primary aim. Life is never easy but the experience that you ultimately expect as an an outcome from it…is generally how it will become : )

A few photos from the up and up track …

In the beginning it was a little strenuous but absolutely fine.. However the conditions changed…..




It started to get a little tough…..

This is the offending…beautiful little gateway which led us to being lost..! Our Italian instruction manual which supposedly was meant to guide us peacefully along our route…..but then was obviously translated into very bad English, just didn’t cut it!!! We got VERY badly lost : (

At this stage our manual became totally ambiguous … There were two possible routes we could have followed. The more obvious we did for about 600 metres but this led us to a large dam with two paths leading around it. Which one would we choose? ….very confusing as the dam was not mentioned at all in our manual. We decided that we were totally on the wrong path and decided to head back to the offending gate and approach the whole walk from a different angle : ) The long and the short of our very long afternoon of being lost and tired was that we arrived at a beautiful Agriturismo, in the middle of nowhere….where we were offered the most delicious homemade beer, had a lovely lunch…then organised the owner of Il Castello, where we are staying tonight…to come and rescue us! Perfecto!!


I’m smiling now….6 hours later….very good day : )

I’m going to sleep well tonight without a doubt…..hope you do too…: )

Love Netia x

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4 Responses to Nocera to Costa di Trex

  1. maggiehume says:

    GREAT READING , The Assisi trail sounds rather strenuous, loved the wee language lesson and even a bit of life coaching , cheers Mag

  2. Well done Netia. Could have told you that maps and women just don’t mesh..haha (only jocking). Keep on keeping on girls:)

  3. says:

    Hi netia, I left a comment but it has disappeared into cyberspace! This is testimony to the fact that you shouldn’t do this on your own! Thank goodness ou and Jo had each other, it would’ve been scary getting lost in such rough terrain! The weather looks wonderful and so do you! Love reading your blogs but tend to read in batches of 3 or 4. Keep enjoying, loads of love. Mandy xxxxx ps the white dove was definitely a guardian angel – smiley face!

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