Vescia to Nocera

Hi there : )

Today was a big day….. possibly not so big in kilometres…21 in total but the hugeness of it was the continuous UP for around 3 hours of walking. now when I say UP…I mean UP! However, that’s Umbria…. breathtaking scenery and many ranges to traverse….gorgeous! My body is very tired now…and so is Jo’s : ( We both hope to be asleep early and I plan to dream of bowls of fresh pasta, laden with rich vine ripened tomato sauce sprinkled with picked basil and grated Parmesan…. My absolute favourite!!

Last night we stayed at BB Il Borgo del Fattore in Vescia… very clean and comfortable : ) It’s always lovely to stay in these family run places where your needs are catered for as a traveller but the mood is more of a family guest than a visitor : )

We were gone by 8am after both purchasing a small bottle of olive oil distilled on the property. Under the main building was a mini factory where the oil was produced…fascinating! After walking through this area today we were quick to realise how important it is for the olive industry. Olive groves stretched as far as the eye could see.. : ) Such an amazingly huge business for Italy…Of
course we all know that, however when you see those groves endlessly spilled in front of you, with orchards of vastly different ages, the true reality of the olive economy starts to be realised.

Italy for walkers at this stage of the year.. is about to spring into the country of abundance!
Last year.. a tiny bit later when Jo and I walked together on the VF , we were treated to fresh fruits galore…directly plucked from any trees presented in our path : ) Perfecto!! Figs, cherries, apricots…on many occasions we had no need to purchase any food in a day : )
Now, maybe due to the slow start to summer..not sure, everything seems to be maturing a little later. .Those of you who are planning to walk in a month or so, it will be a treat..I promise you!!

Jo is very diligent when spotting cherry trees in particular. I tend to be in a different zone while walking…we both notice different things : ) Today she excelled, as most trees at this time..seem to be not quite ready to produce ripe fruit but she found one!!! We completely over indulged : )


The cherry thief in action!

It was a really beautiful walk today! The scenery was spellbinding, despite the strenuous climbs. Although my body at this time is not accepting all the good about the day… I think tomorrow it’s going to be happy…just needs a little adjusting : ) My mind wouldn’t want to miss this experience…. It just needs to slap the body into action : )

Now I’m going to show you a few photos and I’m off to bed.. : )

A beautiful old olive grove.


Look closely and see the incredible drive to the property on the hill….. I love the pencil pines!



A very beautiful chapel we discovered !

Lunch time…. Perfect for a rest : )

I’m off to bed now…..very tired.

Love Netia x

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2 Responses to Vescia to Nocera

  1. Don Kenagy says:

    If you would, please let us know how much your accomodations are costing.

  2. Lisa says:

    Looks amazing, thank you for the lovely photos.

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