Assisi…day 2

Hi there : )

Well here we are…spending a second day in Assisi before we head off tomorrow. This is an amazingly special town! Apart from being very, very beautiful and of course…. very much like so many of Italy’s villages and towns….steeped in the most incredible history, as I said yesterday the spiritual aspect is very real : ) I’m feeling that the two days that I’ve spent here hasn’t done Assisi justice in my estimation…there is so much more I want to learn about and discover of the history… but I guess now, that’s the job of google : )

I have been fascinated and emotionally touched when talking to the locals, by their absolute devotion to the religious entities embodied here..and the pride that is emitted. I have strengthened my understanding while being here.. for just a few short days, that having some sort of system of belief that gives you a perspective of a higher self, is very important for our purpose as human beings : )

The morning started with a cup of tea… Jo has a kettle which she bought in Paris last week when she was there with her daughter. All was fine there apparently..worked like a charm : ) We both have tea bags with us, so the prospect of a cuppa in bed worked well for both of us! Apparently the night before I arrived Jo shorted her room…due to plugging in the kettle : ( We tried my room but the same thing happened : ( However, we’ve worked out how to beat the system! We plug in and when all the power shuts off in the room we go directly to the hotels switchboard and just adjust the offending power switch : ) Perfecto!

Today was a lot of very steep uphills…. which fortunately led to a wonderful sanctuary. We walked to the Hermitage, where St Francis apparently visited often in prayer…. a very small church but incredibly powerful…an area steeped in deep mysticism . There was an amazing sense of calm and stillness here… It was really very special!

A very welcome sign we saw along the way connecting our route with the Camino de Santiago

It was such a very steep climb to the hermitage! Very hard!



The path went up and up and up, seemingly with no end…. but the subsequent views were very beautiful. Now at the end of the day, my calves are screaming at me : )




A gaggle of nuns…. just a little ahead of us, silently making their way to pay homage to St Francis at the Hermitage.

And just a few photos of when we arrived….


Having a little lie down…

One of the beautiful little areas at this place designated for groups of individuals to sit quietly in silence and thought…

Well… I’m publishing this blog, the morning after! Last night when I was busily tapping away on my trusty little iPad… I fell asleep : ) We walked many kms yesterday and saw many of the beautiful sights Assisi has to offer…..and my poor body had decided to turn in for the day! Probably a mixture or jet lag and exhaustion but I’ve woken refreshed.

Today we are walking approximately 5-6 hours and spending the night in Vescia.

A view looking back on the beautiful town of Assisi.

That’s all from me…I need to get up and prepare for another exciting day!

Love Netia

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3 Responses to Assisi…day 2

  1. No time for sleep Netia…..we need more photos…ha:)

  2. Bernadette says:

    Loving your new walk and beautiful photos thanks x

  3. Jan says:

    Loving your blog for this next walk. I have been keen to walk part of the Via Francagena after reading your blog on your last trip, however I am keen to see if this is the walk for me. Seems like the right distance and I love Italy.

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