Campagnano di Roma to La Sorta

Buona Sera : )

Well today was the grand finale! It seemed that the mighty Via Francigena was well aware of this fact, so dealt us all it’s cards in one day…. Let me explain.

The day started beautifully. The morning when we left at 6 am was lovely. Not a cloud in the sky but the air was crisp and the light, crystal clear.




We walked buoyantly, feeling fresh after we both had a good nights sleep and ready to arrive at the sisters in La Storta in the late morning. We had been warned by Xavier that the way was very confusing in its marking after Formello…so we made a pact between ourselves as we left the hotel, that we would remain vigilant throughout the day….both feeling confident however,as I had the VF clearly marked on my you all know. Are you starting to sense where this is leading : (

A few photos of our mornings walk.

A VF sign set into the road..Now that’s special : )





We walked into the interesting little village of Formello, about 6 kms down the 7.15am. We were making great time, so we sat in a little cafe and had a coffee and our breakfast.. All was good, we sat for a while watching the locals come and go, just observing…a skill I might add, we have developed to perfection : )


We had a little wander through this village enjoying the sights before we set off again in earnest.







It really was a very pleasant morning but before just a few hours had passed, the temperature was starting to climb. It was to our absolute delight that the VF led us down a little track to a gently flowing creek. It didn’t take us long to peel off our sweaty boots and socks and wade indulgently in the freezing waters… an utter treat : )





Now it was about this time, when the temperature was climbing, that I reached for my beloved hat.
It was with complete shock, that I found it wasn’t hanging patiently, as it always does, on the front of my pouch! I wasn’t there! It had been swinging gaily in front of me as we set off..I’m sure of that… but somewhere along the track I had lost it : ( The most obvious place for its departure from my side was at the cafe in Formello, so I pinned my hopes on returning there after we had arrived in La Storta and once again being reunited with it. I spent the next little while walking in silence. After a bit, I laughed with Jo about how I would react when I finally found it. I jokingly planned to wield my nail scissors at it threateningly, until it shrinked into submission ,vowing never to leave my side again…especially in conditions where I am in most need of shelter. Then I planned to soften my approach when it appeared that it may have learned its lesson and we laughed about giving it a good wash, decorating it with sunflowers and parading it proudly, in it’s full glory at the Melbourne Cup this year! We even planned my dress to compliment it : )
The sad truth is though…that special hat is gone…lost.: ( I indeed, went back to that cafe this afternoon but there was no hat it sight. I guess the point of my little story is, each of our precious items in our packs have such special significance to us. We are now carrying ONLY those items that we both feel we specifically need. There’s no excess!! Absolutely everything in our packs we need and use on a day to day basis : ) My hat was special…and I hope the person who may have found it..appreciates it for its fine attributes..It had been my companion for almost 2100 km along the VF and also 800 kms on the Camino de Santiago…. : )

Shortly after the discovery that my hat was lost….WE got lost!!! We still have no idea how this happened…but we were seriously off the track and with the help of my trusty iPad maps I managed to steer us back on course….but dare I say it in the wrong direction, back towards Formello! Jo was very trusting…she’s the guru when it comes to directions and she very encouragingly left it to me to regain our bearings…. : ( I have mentioned before on this blog, that lack of direction is one of my MANY failings and it shone brilliantly today…

Anyway, the long and the short of it is…we arrived finally at La Storta…very tired and very late but exceptionally pleased to be here. The Sisters are simply beautiful, so happy and full of love. They are an exceptionally interesting group of women and it’s wonderful to share their company. As I was writing this blog tonight , they drifted in and out, sitting for a chat here and there..and through very limited language exchange, we managed to share a few stories : )

Look how BIG I look : )

Well, I must go to bed now. We plan to set off for Roma at about 5.15 am in order to avoid the worst of the traffic. I think it’s only about a 16 km walk…so lots of coffee stops along the way….but I think it may be the only stretch of the VF where I can confidently say this, without a doubt : )

Big, big day tomorrow. It’s completely absurd to even start to fathom its reality…

Night to you all,


Netia XX

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9 Responses to Campagnano di Roma to La Sorta

  1. themazzons says:

    Hello, Its really quite sad to know we have just read the penultimate story. Its so lovely to wake up and share another day of your lovely walking journey. We can only imagine how it feels to be sooooo close to THE END! Enjoy!
    Antonio and Denise

  2. Karin says:

    Your hat served you well. See it as a goodbye and a closure to whatever emotional blockages you may have had at the beginning of the vf, Now your journey nearly is over, you don’t need it anymore. The last of the baggage evaporates so now you can start afresh. If you feel like it, treat yourself to a new fashionable hat from Rome, a new memory to help celebrate this momentous milestone. Congratulations Netia and well done. Im so proud of you. It’s been fabulous following your journey.

  3. Prue says:

    I think that you both had better keep walking on. you have found your vocation. I love following your trip every day and thanks Netia for your wonderful descriptions and photos. you have a book in the making. Enjoy your last day. I will look forward to meeting you Netia. Love to you both ,Prue

  4. Paul Clayton says:

    Well done girls! I know you will be overwhelmed with congratulations but your achievement is truly magnificent. Enjoy your reward of a week in Rome! Love to you both…especially JoJo! Paul.X

  5. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful achievement and thank you soooo much for your blog. It will make our own journey easier. I feel like I’ve walked it already. I will really miss joining up with you every day. Jackie xx
    PS How about the Via de la Plata next year; for you two 1000kms would be a breeze. xx
    PPS I have never been to Australia but like most people I have family there; in Melbourne and Perth.

  6. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Sorry, one more question. What’s more appropriate boots/trekking shoes? Thanks again

  7. Susie says:

    Congratulations regazza!! You had to have dramatic tension on the second last day to build suspense to the climax of the finale! Enjoy your last day and luxuriate in Rome!! Ciao bellas e bacia!!

  8. Suzanne Lynch says:

    Congratulazioni e ben fatto – siete entrambi sorprendenti

    Love to you both
    Sue Lynch

    (sorry about the school girl Italian)

  9. kitsambler says:

    Condolences on the waywardness of your Tilley hat; at least you still have the Pacer Poles! (… by another pilgrim who carries both)

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