Monterosi to Campagnano di Roma

Hello to all!

Well breaking news from us! Finally I can say, without much doubt at all….tomorrow we will have a 23 km walk into La Storta, where we will stay the night at the convent and then the following day we have a 16 km walk to the Vatican…ROMA!!! Can you believe it? I for one can’t. As you know, subconsciously I haven’t been thinking ahead… It’s just been the steady plod of one foot in front of the other, with little else occupying the mind but the day immediately presented to us. However, as always: )… the very near future is becoming a reality and the wonderful city of Roma, is indeed part of that scenario. At this stage I’m a little bewildered about how I feel but in all honesty, we’re not there yet and tomorrow is another day : )

Last night Paolo cooked us pizza for dinner in his wood fired oven. It was truly magnificent!! Delicious! We were little piggies…. : )





The pizza dough in the making.

Here we are with Paolo and his lovely wife Magdalena…

The family’s children with their friends, enjoying the cool waters of the pool. As I mentioned last night, it was lovely to be staying in such a family orientated environment. We were the only house guests but were accepted into the arms of this delightful couple and felt more like part of the family, than anything else.

Just one more photo from yesterday. This little B&B sits on top of original caves built in pre Roman days. Under the house that now stands… inside these caves, you can actually see the original pick marks where someone hacked away into the rock wall, to create a dwelling.



This morning, Paolo drove us to where we left off yesterday in Monterosi and we set off at about 7.30am for Campagnano di Roma, not quite sure of the distance…possibly only 15 kms but it felt like 115! The way was hot. .. very hot and dusty…..and fairly uninteresting, until we reached Campagnano. This is another fascinating village, again set on a high rock hill jutting out as if into space, towering over the surrounding countryside. The perfect vantage point.

A few photos of our walk today.

Initially it was quite pretty but quickly the scenery changed : (


It was quite a struggle today to remain focused but there were special sights which broke the monotony : )





The village of Campagnano came into view.

It’s towering walls, as we climbed up the hill were impressive, to say the least.



The streets of Campagnano…

Here we are finally arriving at our accommodation for the night…about 3 kms out of Campagnano, heading towards Roma : )


We are staying at Relais Tre Acris, a delightful little hotel, set in a garden of 3 acres. Its a bit of a splurge but we felt it would be special, which it has been. This place is run by a gorgeous young Italian man, Nicolo. He couldn’t be much older than 25 yo but he is polite, efficient and is seriously doing an amazing job but at the same time has a wonderful laid back attitude. It’s really quite incredible. He spent two years in Australia recently and has totally fallen in love with our country. He says he is working so hard so he can fulfil his dream to return to Australia…but as we all know the documentation to live in Australia is very severe. I had shown him some family snaps earlier…as I do to perfect strangers often : ),and I jokingly said, to help alleviate his immigration problems,I could adopt him…to which he shot back, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye….well now that would be good, then I would have 3 lovely sisters : )

Well my friends, two big days ahead of so many ways, so bedtime for me.


Netia XX

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2 Responses to Monterosi to Campagnano di Roma

  1. Liz wells says:

    Love it…you sound so happy xxx

  2. jacqueline buchanan says:

    The photos of dry dusty scenery brought back memories of the approach to Fuente de Cantos in Extremadura on the Via de la Plata. xx

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