Capranica to Monterosi

Buona Sera : )

We are tired again..I must admit, however today was very pleasant. Our walk to Monterosi..particularly early this morning, was very beautiful…but first i must tell you about our accommodation for tonight!

As you well know, we are planning to take the last few days into Roma..slowly. Almost the opposite to a lot of folk at our stage, who have walked over 2000 kms, as we have done. We want to put a few of the challenges and pressures that the VF has presented us with, in a little box and hurl them over a cliff..then proceed on in a mindful and leisurely fashion, simply enjoying our last days : )
Our next planned stop after Capranica was to be Monterosi….only a 16 km distance via the VF. The big problem was though..we could not find beds anywhere in Monterosi! As I was tapping away on my blog last night, Jo and Paolo were busy making phone calls and searching Internet sites… but to no avail : ( Then clever Jo came up with a perfect solution. Why didn’t we stay here at B&B Monticelli for another night? Happily, dear Paolo agreed to come and pick us up from Monterosi when we arrived and drive us the 15 minute car trip by road, back to his lovely oasis. Perfecto!!!
Tomorrow morning Paolo will drive us back to Monterosi..and our journey will continue : ) It has been a wonderful solution, as this morning we left most of our belongings in Capranica and were able to have a day unemcumbered by a heavy backpack. : )

The walk this morning, as I have already mentioned was really lovely. Coming out of Capranica, there are some confusing VF signs. Paolo , luckily alerted us to the correct path, as indeed was clearly marked on my iPad route but for those of you unaware who are planning to walk the VF,there is a sign not far from the village that points in a completely different direction, to what I imagine is the official route. The marked signage, I would imagine would lead you to Sutri..the next little village..along busy roads, not good.

We elected to disregard this sign however and follow Paolos advice and the route on my iPad , which led us right instead of left : ) It was before long however that another VF sign popped up, that led us on down into a valley, along a very pretty track for about 5 kms. Simply stumnning!!

A few photos…











This plot of beans..I think.. was most impressive…by no means was it little but every plant had its own intensive infrastructure. So much work initially but such a fantastic idea…I’m going to try it when I return home.

Jo..having a little rest. What a lovely space to sit for a while!

We arrived in the stunning village of Sutri, which was about 6 kms time to have a coffee and to have a little look around. Sutri is perched on a narrow hill of volcanic ash. As a consequence the base of the town is literally rock and the village has been built into the side of the hill, with it’s pinnacles high above.
Its construction has been melded into the natural structure of the original rock..quite remarkable. It towers above the surrounding countryside, overlooking the province of Lazio in all it’s grandeur. I have not been able to capture these images at all on my camera but I will show you just the few that I took of the village.


The village piazza.

The entrance to the amazing Sutri Cathedral.

On walking out of Sutri, we were treated to the most amazing amphitheatre. It is definitely Romanic but I have suspicions that it might date back to the Estruscans era…more investigation needed and more reporting back to you. The thing is, there are points of history here that unfortunately I’m a little sketchy on and I will need to do a little research but it will definitely not happen before I return home to Australia…no time now : ( Unfortunately, by then this blog will be no more….but if I don’t have time for research, please do so will be totally fascinating ..I can assure you!

This amphitheatre has been carved directly into the tuff rock….amazing..Jo and I walked into this amphitheatre and both were immediately struck by a surreal experience. Quite incredible. At the same time we both erupted in a tingling nerve sensation from head to foot…maybe the reminders of lost souls from days gone by..who knows..but it was a highly strange experience!



Ok… Pretty much my bedtime : ) I feel very happy to be here at our wonderful B&B. I’m sitting in the garden as I write this blog, the cool night air soothing the days aches and pains but more importantly my innate need for family has been catered for by the chatterings of our new Italian friends in the background : ) Children and adults have drifted in and out during the afternoon,affording us the luxury to feel very relaxed …and indeed at home : )


Night : )

Netia X

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3 Responses to Capranica to Monterosi

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    That “surreal experience and tingling nerve sensation” is a feeling ,I am sure , you will both feel in Rome !!! The walk today looked very interesting .Looking forward to seeing you soon .Lots of love xx

  2. walkmag says:

    clever Jo , and then walking without packs…luxury travel !

  3. Elizete says:

    It;s do good to sit down on Saturday’s morning and read your blog. What an experience you are having. I can empathise with the feeling of tiredness after such a long journey and at the same time the want to take the time to arrive. Yo have inspired me to one day also walk the VF. I’ll be asking you lots of questions when you are back home. For now, Buen Camino! Is there a similar greeting for the VF? Hugs xxx

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