Vetralla to Capranica

Hi there everyone!

What a lovely day today…hmmmm….the roller coaster ride seems to be an emerging pattern…hope tomorrow doesn’t follow in the sequence!!

Last night we stayed in the B&B Il Mio Postre Tranquillo in Vetralla. We are finding the B&Bs have been amazing over the past 3 nights. The wonderful thing is, for 25 euros each (this would be even cheaper for a couple sharing) we have been able to secure our own bedrooms and most times bathroom but more importantly a communal area has been provided, where we have been able to relax and make a cup of tea, prepare a little food and today, we even had the use of a washing machine!! And yes, I do remember how to use one : ) Every article of clothing was pulled from my body and that backpack today and thrown into the belly of that machine. It was with great joy that I removed my clean clothing 30 minutes later and then had the added luxury of hanging it on a line in the sunshine : ) Tonight, my few possessions have been lovingly folded and slipped back into there little house, smelling sweetly of fresh air and lavender …. You have NO idea how satisfying this simple act has been : )

Today we arrived at our B&B in Capranica quite early. We only had about a 16 km walk and as we had left Vetralla at 6am….after stops beside the road to eat our breakfast of cheese, ham and tomato rolls and then another coffee stop on arriving in Capranica, we were at B&B Monticelli by 11.30am. Perfecto!!! Our host Paolo, was very kind and picked us up from a nearby supermarket in order to show us the way and also we happily noted, that we were able to avoid a very steep climb to his B&B : ) Two other wonderful things about this lovely place is that it is directly on the VF and it has a SWIMMING POOL! Yay!!

Haha..very funny photo : ( but Jo made me include it…see I told you she was VERY BOSSY….or I may have said a tiny bit bossy..can’t remember. Anyway this is a rare photo of an unaware pilgrim, snapped by another pilgrim : ( … being tranquilly lulled into a gentle state of being ….with only the pool waters lapping at the mattress edges and the distant chattering of birds , to break the silence….. : )

The gardens of Monticelli

A lovely view looking back from the gardens of B&B Monticelli to the township of Capranica.

After a swim, shower, washing and a little lie down, we sat down to a yummy lunch in a lovely shady spot in the garden : ) Can you hear me sighing blissfully?

Our walk today was also perfect…how much better can life get!

A few photos….

The sky this morning was very beautiful as walked out of Vetralla.


One of the little friends I regularly seem to find to chat to along the way : ) He’s so handsome!!




The path today was very pretty…if not a little obscure in parts but with my GPS route on my iPad, all was perfectly fine : )


The walk today for quite a large part, took us alongside hazlenut groves and for a bit, directly through them…. this proved to be a little confusing at times, although extremely pleasant. However unbelievably we came across a little entity, who literally showed us the way….it was delightful..if not a little strange…

We literally stumbled across this little guy in the middle of a confusing maze of hazlenut groves. He approached us, wagging his little tail and then set off a little ahead..every now and then looking back and waiting for us. We dutifully followed, laughing and remarking how sweet he was…but goodness knows what made us follow. The remarkable thing was…about 2 rows of trees back from the road that we were trying to find, he sat and refused to go any further. It was if he was bidding us farewell and we laughed that it was almost as if he was calling out to us Buon Camino!! It was all a little strange… and his presence made my skin tingle a little… Hmmmmmm…… : )

Ok..just a couple more photos …



The entry to the very beautiful village of Capricana. I’m continually amazed by many of these villages. As we near Roma, suburbia is starting to creep in and these little villages are engulfed by sprawling, ugly housing. However, one only has to pass through an ancient archway in many cases and a hidden world of days gone by is exposed.

Ok….we have had a LOT of difficulty finding accommodation tomorrow night in Monterosi..our next stop.. just 15 kms from here…but we have worked out a very favourable alternative..which I will tell you about tomorrow…as I KNOW I will have Internet access : ) Tomorrow, our little roller coaster carriage is still on that wonderful downhill run : )

Night from me..

Much Love,

Netia XX

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One Response to Vetralla to Capranica

  1. jacqueline buchanan says:

    How nice to have a washing machine. (and a swimming pool) Have you been able to do washing on most nights? Not far to go now. I’m going to miss your blogging. I can’t wait until we get to Calais on 16/7. It’s 6 am here in London and an hour later in Italy I think? so I guess you are on the way already to avoid the sun. Have a great day. Love to you both. Jackie

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