Viterbo to Vetralla

Hi there,

Well…. the roller coaster ride continues : )

Today started off full of promise. We were well rested from a lovely day before,up early and out the door by 6am and the morning to top it off, was beautiful. There was a coolness in the air that caressed our skin, with a promise that the morning heat may be kind to us and we would maybe reach our destination before the inferno of the day cast us down in a sodden pool of sweat. Hmmmm….. sadly not the case.

Just quickly though before I continue, the term ‘ well rested ‘ probably can’t be applied to us anymore : ) The vast kilometres that we have travelled are now starting to snake their network of lanes, dusty roads and overgrown paths into our souls ….and we’re without mistake…very tired. It’s strange here though, still my mind is not allowing me to think too far ahead. Even though in reality we are only a few sort days away from our goal…..
The problem here though, is we are now, so highly tuned to our immediate environment that we are tending to manifest even the slightest of changes…both good and bad. Strangely, I can feel the pull but my psyche..quite luckily is remaining positive : )

First though, I want to introduce you all to a delightful gentleman that I met last night : )


Do I here mutters of agreement? : )





Some of the very interesting architecture of this beautiful town of Viterbo.

In contrast, Vetralla…has an air of one that is defeated. There’s a certain melancholy about this town that is palpable. For me it is lifeless, there are those going about their daily chores…. but it lacks the energy and vibrancy, that was Viterbo.
Our walk early today was just great : ) We travelled for quite a few kilometres, along tranquil roads flanked by towering rocks…very, very special. Our less than scanty notes now, have no reference to their significance, if any but I feel sure they herald from Roman origin.




A few more photos before our day, especially Jo’s..fell apart : (




We spotted this ‘person’ in a passing field…and for a while were a little unsure whether it was someone practicing a little street theatre! I was so convinced, I took backward glances to see if the eyes were following me….

Ok..after this point plans went astray.. We stopped by a pile of rubbish …the only piece of shade that we had come across for quite a few kilometres as we needed some food and rested our packs on the side of a dumped fridge : ) All was good!

However as I was munching on my apple,Jo decided to amble on ahead and the plan was that I would catch up…hmmmmmm…. The problem in this particular area of Italy is, the VFsigns are very confusing! Before long Jo was heading along a completely different VF track to me that was ambiguous and misleading…so frustrating and tiring for her. She arrived in Vetralla, a lot later than me and was quite disturbed by her day, in the end : (

For me the way also was tough..but at least I had the correct route on my iPad. Even then, I had some difficulty with some areas and had to do quite a bit of back tracking.

Bearing all of this in mind..I might just show you a couple of photos and then head off to bed.


A lovely lovely old olive orchard, followed by an apricot grove.. I came away with a huge handful of freshly picked apricots, direct from the tree….fantastico!

I’m tired….once again : )

Life is good though…. : ) Enjoy what you have to the utmost!

Love and hugs,

Netia XX

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3 Responses to Viterbo to Vetralla

  1. maggie says:

    “The agony and the ectsasy” the photos are wonderful & love the dog ,

  2. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Poor Jo but I still believe we are meant to walk our own road even if that means ‘getting lost’.
    I love the dog too. Your choice of subject is sublime. xx

  3. Prue says:

    Hi Netia and Jo,I am still following your days, the good and the not so good. Poor Jo ,getting lost must be frustrating. When you get home You will cope with anything that life throws at you.Photos are great. Love Prue

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