Acquapendente to Bolsena


Oh mi god..I can’t believe that we’re so close to Rome now..if I were to allow myself to shut my eyes and stretch as far as I can in a southerly direction, I think I would almost be able to feel as if I could stroke the cool marble steps of the Vatican, smell the odours of a bustling city and indeed if I were to listen very closely…hear the whispers of bygone stories, that only a city as ancient as Rome can impart. The thing is though, at this time, I don’t allow myself these luxuries of thought …and even if I did, I don’t think I would want to go there. For me, the Via Francigena is about living in the moment and experiencing all the aspects of each day, from challenging to they arise. If I were to start thinking of an end, I think the simple appreciation of being in the present would be lost and my simplicity of thought would then be cluttered with to many demands of a future that I know nothing about. I want to treasure my final days and allow my mind to wander, as it has for the past 10 weeks…just dealing with the problems immediately to hand…nothing more and nothing less.

This morning Jo and Xavier left VERY early once again and that was just fine: ) I ended up struggling out the door at 6.30am slightly dishevelled , nothing to eat (! ) but with determination and actually a lovely secure feeling that I would be walking alone…I had a lot of little discussions going on inside my head that needed addressing …and I managed to get through them all : ) This is just one of the beauties of pilgrimages or indeed any long distance walk…when you walk, time really has little meaning, thoughts flow in and out randomly but there’s always mountains of time for issues that you may need to work through…

The first 10-12 kms that I walked….were lovely and so indeed were the second. Not too many ups, very pleasant scenery and a wonderful coffee stop at San Lorenzo..exactly half way, perfecto!! What a perfect pilgrims day!!



Now how could I resist : )


The last of the Spring poppies, putting on a brave display.

The beautiful lake of Bolsena, comes into view.


The next photo is rather special to me. For weeks now, I have viewed these little lizards scampering off ..fearful and very unsocial to human presence…but this little guy seemed happy to look around and observe me, for a full 60 seconds before he decided to bid me farewell …very quickly! Maybe he was just frozen with fear..I think so : )






Walking down to our hotel from the gorgeous little town of Bolsena.

After arriving in Bolsena and finding our accomodation for the night, I met up with Jo and Xavier for a light lunch, then we all disappeared to our rooms to do the daily chores..washing, shower, rest and maybe..a little sleep : )

Tonight however was big in Bolsena! Italia vs Espana in the futbol! a pilgrim and my pilgrim friend wants me on the way by 6am tomorrow,, I couldnt stay too long and enjoy the atmosphere….. but now, as I lie here in bed, I have a very strong suspicion that Italy were the victors…Hahaha..there are so many horns going off out there!
I want to tell you more about tonight but….you’re just going to have to wait until tomorrow! I’m sooo tired and bedtime it is for me : )

Early start : (

Love Netia X

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4 Responses to Acquapendente to Bolsena

  1. Rose&Ken says:

    Hi Girls
    You are both looking really good. Pilgrim life obviously suits you.
    Enjoy your last bit down to Rome and make sure you leave plenty of time to enjoy the city. Also leave plenty of room for a big icecream by the Trevi Fountain, reckon that you’ve both earned it.
    All the best and savour the end.
    Much love, Rose and Ken x

  2. maggie says:

    Hello I love reading your daily blog , Its interesting that at times you are walking solo …because that may be the case for me also ……. thankyou …Walkmag ..

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