Radicofani to Acquapendente

Buona Sera…..

I’m a little bit weary tonight : ) but life is good!

Last night was wonderful…we were made to feel very much at home and our hosts at Hospitalis San Petri et Jacob, we’re warm and caring.

First though, one thing that has been seriously bothering me today. I know…as I received a comment on this site yesterday but chose not to approve it…first time mind you and hopefully the last….. that there must be people out there reading my blog who misinterpret what I intend to convey. This is completely understandable as I’m certainly not a writer by any stretch of the imagination..and maybe sometimes people don’t quite understand what I’m trying to get across…my apologies. The criticism was in reference to a comment I made, I think before Siena about our difficult day and in this instance I felt the need to refer to CanTeen, who, as you all know we are supporting on this walk. The criticism aimed at me was that we had little right to complain about our circumstances and indeed make a parallel between our journey and those of the CanTeen community. I fully agree. In no way, was I comparing our walk, to the journey that a cancer sufferer and indeed their family takes. I know, from painful first hand experience, the hard road that cancer forces individuals and indeed those closest to them, to go down. In my comments i was indeed referring to the effort that we are expending on this journey… to a goal that at times feels insurmountable but I made the comments as I wanted to gently remind everyone of one of the reasons for our walk…not only to raise some much needed funds but also awareness for the unbelievable work this organisation is doing. I was initially very distressed by this persons comments to me but now I would like to apologise…if I have offended you in any way. We all have our own story to tell but I think it’s so important, that we learn a little more about each other, before we make assumptions. Whew, I’ve got that off my chest.. something that I needed to do..

I hope no one minds too much..but last night we were treated to a blessing before dinner…our wonderful feet being the body part most blessed…and believe me, it was well and truly appreciated : )


Xavier, our pilgrim friend and Paola a beautiful volunteer at the hostel.

The beginning of our beautiful dinner last night. We were the only pilgrims in the hostelerio but many people came and went throughout the night, this lovely pair sharing their food, wine and hospitality..lots of talk in Spanish and Italian and lots of fun…which I loved!!

Xavier,Jo and I finally settled into our little bunk beds at about 10.30pm, ready for a big sleep : )
Not the case!!! The church bells sounded outside our bedroom window at 4am! Now when I say outside our bedroom window..thats literally what I mean..we literally couldnt get any closer..Oh mi god! Jo and Xavier had decided to leave early so they were both rummaging around at 4.30! and finally left me in peace, with head buried under the pillow at 5! I struggled out of bed not long after and was on the road by 6.

Today was about a 24 km walk..but it was fine. A little hot towards the end, with a very big up finale ..but all was good. Just a few photos tonight …..the scenery was very similar to yesterday, so nothing that you haven’t already had a glimpse of..and also I’m a little tired.





Goodbye Tuscany..I will be back : )

Hello Roma!

Tonight we met two other pilgrims from Australia…I had heard of one, Janet through her blog…so it was lovely to catch up and also meet Elizabeth, her sister in law, who she is walking with. We had dinner with them…but unfortunately I had to excuse myself a little early, as I was tired : ( Tends to happen a little on a long distance walk….


Good night to everyone ….from Italy: )

Netia X

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10 Responses to Radicofani to Acquapendente

  1. Liz wells says:

    Happy trekking..not long to go now. will you be passing through the Popes summer residence….can’t remember the name of the town…on a cliff overlooking a huge volcano crater lake, very majestic and tranquil….just wondering VEnetis love Lizxx

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Liz, at present we are in Blosena on the edge of the beautiful lake…there’s a castle on the hill..is this where you mean? Xx

      • Elizabeth Wells says:

        No I don’t think so, it is about a one and half hour drive from Rome going towards the coast…they have the biggest peaches there ….I can see it in my mind. The little village with the Popes residence at one end is perched on the top of the crater and overlooks the Lake, they also have the best pizzas. Down below is another village and resort.

  2. michael cannington says:

    You are a gem Netia…an extremely diplomatic gem to say the least. I love your blogs and photos and I only wish that I could write and tell a story like you. You have my blessing to say what you feel is needed to be said. I can honestly say that what you have achieved so far is extraodinary to say the least, you have brought joy to many people with your comments and photos along the way. Fantastic effort and carry on trekking:):) Mick C

  3. wheresnetia says:

    Well then Mick Cannington…you’re a gem back : ) I really appreciate your words, thankyou! X

  4. clanof3 says:

    Hello Netia, i have been following your blog since England. We are 3, myself, wife and son, from Canada are starting at Acquapendente on August15 and have loved following your journey and pictures. You have given alot of your time for your followers. I believe it has taken alot of endurance to achieve what you both have done. I have done 3 different routes on C.F. solo.
    Thank you

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi there, I hope you all have the most amazing time! If I can help in any way at all please ask. Had you thought of starting in Radicofani? Delightful village and the hostel is precious. : )

  5. jacqueline buchanan says:

    I agree with Mick, Netia. Keep going strong. Everyone is rooting for you apart from one – there’s always one eh?

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Jackie, you must be getting excited for your up and coming VF. Ilan to send you an email very soon to answer your questions. Time just seems to evaporate! Thank you for all your thoughts : ) X

  6. Compliment to your big friendship on the way, it is not selfevident to go through up and downs under this circumdances. My walk with my friend for 35 years ended after 2 weeks on the way and we arrived alone our target in Santiago de Compostela. At home we get still in contact, but there is a little cut in my soul and even more you have done a perfect job together, bodily and pshysical. Perhaps I can meet you Jo next year in Australia (Feb. March), I have booked for 3 months in Port Stephens, NSW my holiday accomodation again. My best wishes to both strong girls, Margret from Austria

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