Bagno Vignoni to Radicofani

Hello to everyone,

Today has been a lovely day: ) I think as we inch closer to Rome and our walking distances have been shortened somewhat, due to the heat..we are far more relaxed. Although we are getting up earlier in order to try and walk in the cool of the morning, we are arriving at our daily destination with many more hours to spare, allowing us time to look around and enjoy each little village. Here I must add, that the villages over the past few days where we have rested our weary heads have been simply gorgeous. At present we are staying in beautiful Radicofani and have a cosy room at the Hositalis San Pietro et Jacob, which we are sharing with another pilgrim from Germany..I have chosen to retreat to the quiet corner of a little garden to write this blog this afternoon, as he is presently sleeping in our room and snoring VERY loudly! Heaven help us tonight…you wont believe this but I have carried a pair of earplugs in my pack for the last 1800 kms and only last night decided to leave them in the rubbish bin, my rationale less thing to carry… Oh no!!! Whenever we have stayed in Religious houses to date we have been lucky to either have our own room, as there are so few pilgrims on the VF, or we have shared a room together. Oh well, he appears to be a lovely man, so for one night we can accept…

The walk today was great. Last night Alan very kindly offered to give us a short lift in his car…at whatever time suited us : ), in order that our journey would be shortened a little and our load could be eased. Such a generous gift for us and we thank him for his enormous kindness and thoughtfulness. We had a light breakfast at 6.30am, after which he drove us about 5 kms down the road….this in fact amounted to about 10 kms of VF tracks. We were so delighted : )

A few photos of the wonderful walk today. It had quite a bit of up but the scenery was stunning…although the morning was warm. Everything has now changed. Before us stretch endless vistas of steeply undulating, rocky,sunburnt countryside, dotted here and there with a splash of green, or a quaint little farmhouse. We are presuming that..although we have not yet done the research, that this area was once volcanic as often long flowing rivers of rock, came into view. Stunning!!








And a few of the special friends we met along the way : )

This poor boy, I think was lost : ( I just wanted to gather him up, stick him in my pack and reassure him that all would be just fine.





The little village of Radicofani is delightful..



Haha….a rose amongst the hydrandreas! Here I must congratulate Jo and her husband Paul. Today is there 27th wedding anniversary! It such a wonderful thing that through thick and thin, they have maintained a close and supportive relationship..I really admire them for this : )


Here, I’m not sure exactly what was being lowered from the bell tower….but the whole scenario was entirely amusing!! We had a few belly laughs here! I love these people, as I’ve said before….especially in these smaller villages. It’s wonderful to sit back and just let the passing traffic be absorbed into your understanding.

This afternoon we couldn’t gain access to our accomodation until 2pm, so we climbed a few BIG flights of stairs to visit the fortress on the was well worth the effort! Just a few photos f particularly the spectacular views from this fortress as you have had a lot to digest today : )



And lastly…Jos LATEST admirer : )



Funny : )

Ok my friends, time for me to go.

Special big hug for my gorgeous family and special friends, who know me the best : )


Netia xx

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2 Responses to Bagno Vignoni to Radicofani

  1. Suzanne Lynch says:

    Happy anniversary Jo – I note the clean plate, the empty vino glass and sharing the meal with the very handsome Italian man! that the celebration was not forgotten and what a beautiful village to celebrate such a great anniversary – counting down the 18 days till you are both home safe and sound – saviour them and soak up all you can in these final days it is just a blink away LOL sue L

  2. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Happy Aniiversary Jo. Alan and I celebrate 27 years on July 28th. There’s nothing better eh? xx

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