San Quirico to Bagno Vignoni

Hi there..

Well my blog tonight has begun rustily..not through easy flowing I would like : ( To begin, I snuggled down in bed and pushed that trusty little WordPress app…and nothing happened. I pushed at it again and it just continually reverted to my home page. Now, this exact predicament has happened before but my wonderful nephew, an absolute computer wizard,has always been available on the end of the line and slowly talked me through the obvious remedies…not the case tonight as its 5am in the morning in Melbourne and I don’t think he necessarily needs to be woken early by a blog stricken aunt! My WordPress blog had crashed!!! Ok, I regained my composure and tried to remember the instructions that Hugh gave to me the last time this happened…maybe 6 weeks ago..I think I’ve solved the problem but maybe not…I’ll only know for sure when I push the publish button : ) Maybe my poor little WordPress site is suffering from blog overload…could be a very real problem!

Today was a relaxed day..forced by circumstances but necessary : )

To begin Jo and I met at 7.30 for breakfast! Hasn’t happened for a few days but it was very nice and what a lovely breakfast it was! Fresh fruit,eggs,cheese, meats, toast and tea and coffee.

We had decided the night before that the time had come to send a few more items of clothing home…just a few bits and pieces mind you..stuff that we hadn’t looked at for a few weeks. Now in saying this..there’s not much left to go through in our packs but we managed to find surplus stock…..: ) With this is mind we had the post office in sight for the 9 am opening and then had planned a quick getaway. This was all good as we had only a short walk today. Weeeelllll……we arrived on time but there was a queue….and a long one. To make matters worse posteitaliane seems to have an unbelievable system of thoroughness…or dare I say it, incompetence : ( We waited and waited and then waited a little bit more before our turn came around. Finally, at about 10.15am we set off along the VF, sun blazing but glad to be on the track.

A few photos of our short walk…






Oh oh , a serious apricot thief in action…but they were soooooooo delicious !



And now, afew photos of the stunning village of Bagno Vignoni.




Although we have only walked a short way today, it suits us! We have recharged our batteries to full…and are ready for a few gruelling days ahead.. The owner of our hotel tonight, mentioned to me that a town not far from us was actually called ‘the last town before the end’…..I cautiously asked when it all started again and he said about 5 days out of Rome : ( Oh well, big smiles!! : )

This afternoon we met a delightful English couple as we were lazing around the beautiful pool at the hotel.

It was great to chat to English speaking folk to tell them of our story and indeed hear theirs in return : ) We fortunately caught up with them later tonight and had dinner.

The hotel we are staying in, is a little bit of a mistake…We actually thought it was about 4 kms down the track…but not the case. However it has proved to be absolutely perfect! It appears that this hotel was a wayside inn ,part of the original Via Francigena track!
A few more photos,then hopefully they load obediently, then bed for me : )

A little chicky I found, fallen from its nest..I was beside myself as to know what to do with it. I ended up putting it in the nearby garden…but we all know it won’t survive..: (


Dinner with Alan and Viv, our lovely new English friends : )

Ok, no more from me…I have to get up early and it’s now 11.30pm!

Love to all,

Netia XX

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3 Responses to San Quirico to Bagno Vignoni

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Yeah…. The end is in sight or should I say Rome is in reach …!! I was going to say walking distance but we all know its that !!! hahaha…. xx

  2. jacqueline buchanan says:

    I’m glad you are having a better time now and the pool looks gorgeous.

  3. Elizete says:

    What a beautiful place!

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