Lucignano to Buonconvento to San Quirico

Hi everyone..

Hmm..I’m so annoyed at myself! I wrote a nice long blog last night..took me a considerable amount of time and I was tired and weary..and just as I had finished my finger accidentally pushed a stray button instead of publish…and voila! blog sent off into cyber space never to be retrieved : (
The whole experience was quite crushing..I love to report to everyone the days events where ever possible but it does take a little motivation: ) however in saying that, it’s a lovely feeling to know that our day has been recorded and we can look back, when we return home, on our time on the VF and perhaps relive it a little. So even if a little encouragement is needed to keep my tired little brain ticking for just a bit longer each night, I think, from my point of’s well worth the effort!! : )

Ok yesterday… This is actually where the real effort is expended! We are getting to a stage that we literally have no idea what day it is..and each day flows into the next. Often yesterday feels like a week ago and then three weeks ago feels like just yesterday.. No, I don’t think the VF is effecting us….honestly : ) ….but it’s really just a syndrome I think, of living in the moment. Time literally has very little meaning and each moment easily becomes part of the next.. It’s a rather nice form of existence.

Jo was up an at ’em early once again but I chose to have breakfast at the hotel at 7.30am and meet her at Buonconvento. It was delicious and I’m so glad I lingered…very simple..fresh juice, muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt, toast and honey and delicious coffee. Perfecto! The Italians don’t seem to understand breakfast which is very sad.. it’s a meal of the day that I love and especially when we are walking, I think it’s necessary to start with a well fuelled body. Generally when breakfast is presented to us in hotels it usually consists of stale left over bread and jam, sweet cakes and pastries..prepackaged : ( and greasy croissants…not nice!

The next few days as we get nearer to Rome will be easier for us. Generally the stages that most pilgrims choose to walk here are long over 30 km days, which usually gets them to Rome from our present position in about 8 -10 days. Due to the heat and hills we have decided to limit our walking to around 15ish kms each day, from here on in. It will be nice to enjoy and savour our last few days of this walk.

I have really loved Italy and I know I will be back in the very near future..: ) I feel a strong connection here, as indeed I do with Spain. I love the generosity and friendliness of the people, the beautiful food and wines, the language and the simple lifestyle that we have experienced in so many of the smaller villages. I often think to myself that maybe in a past life I may have heralded from Latin stock : )

Ok..a few photos from yesterday….

The walk yesterday was so pretty…this is the initial walk out of Buonconvento.

We walked along the railway line for a bit. I didn’t see a train…but Jo said, at the time that she walked the little single carriaged train went back and forth several times and each time it passed her the driver blew the whistle merrily…cute !

And then the sunflowers…gorgeous!




I love the way they are all standing erect, paying homage to the morning sun.

Just a few more photos from yesterday before I start on today : )







Jo this morning, was out the door just after 5am and you’ll all be proud of me..I was out the door at 6! The day was promising to be hot…and indeed that’s exactly how it eventuated and we had about 22 kms to cover. The way today was quite barren in parts, due to newly cut fields of crops but it was also hilly. The combination, although the walking conditions were difficult due to the lack of shelter from the blazing sun, provided me with once again, stunning vistas.



For a while I walked along a ridge, with the track snaking its way in front of me and on either side the Tuscan landscape dropping far into the distance on either side.





I always manage to find a couple of little friends along the way : ) These little guys were trying to be so brave..barking hysterically at me as I passed, until I spoilt the moment and stopped for a chat. They quickly became subdued but there was another of them, hiding in the grape vines who was far to scared to show its face but barked shrilly the whole time I was there. Way too cute : )



This afternoon Jo and I met for lunch after I had settled into my room. Unfortunately for poor Jo there was a misunderstanding on the booking .com website and she had booked a room which was disappointing. We had planned to treat ourselves to a little pampering here as they offered massages: ) but Jos room was in a different building and far inferior to what the hotel usually offered : ( This was very sad as I think she needs a little down time..she is experiencing the same ‘mild exhaustion’ that I referred to experiencing back in Siena…how many weeks ago was that?
However all was good! We both ended up saving those massages…and are now feeling extremely relaxed : )

Anyway, it has all worked out for the best! I firmly believed we are being cared for…: ) For tomorrow we had two options, try and find a place to rest at about the 16 km mark or walk the entire distance to the next main town 30 plus kms away…too far considering the walking conditions. After simply exhaustive research on the Internet, we came up with absolutely NOTHING! Our VF track tomorrow takes us way off the beaten track. We have however, managed to secure accommodation in a little village only about 8 kms out of San Quirico. PERFECTO!! We can get up at a more leisurely hour, enjoy the beautiful breakfast the hotel promises to offer : ) and then have a very easy stroll into our village. This is wonderful I think, for Jo. I was lucky when I had my little be in Siena where we were staying for two nights. I was able to rest and recuperate and then bounce back in true form : ) We will certainly have a big day following but we will deal with that tomorrow.

At the end of a long hard day, what better place to be!

It’s a really lovely hotel which fortunately we secured for less than half price, as a special deal! Fits into the budget!!

Ok…time for bed for me. I want to try and post this blog before I stuff it up!!

Much Love

Netia X

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4 Responses to Lucignano to Buonconvento to San Quirico

  1. maggie says:

    Hi Netia
    I am loving reading this blog especially from Seina onwards as I am thinking maybe I will walk that section later this year….Would you mind including each Hotel name , starting Lucignano if poss I would find that very helpfull… If you have any particular reason for not doing so thats fine.
    ciao ciao Walkmag…(Melbourne , Australia )

  2. wheresnetia says:

    Hi Maggie,I’ll be back in Melbourne mid July..maybe I can contact you then and I can tell you the good places to stay…some have been dismal and not worth mentioning! I would recommend starting a little further back from Sienna, if you have the time as some of the villages and scenery are stunning. Anyway please let me know and I can be in touch when I get home.

    • maggie says:

      Hi Netia thanks , due to time restraints I only have two weeks ,I have walked siena to Buconvento but then things went belly up …so unfinished business etc: .. In the meantime I shall continue enjoying your very interesting blog .

  3. Bernadette says:

    Also loving your blog and much admiration for you both
    Once again fab pics

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