Siena to Lucignano


You’ll be all pleased to know that I’ve bounced back! I’m feeling on top of the world, had a perfect day and I’m now ready to tackle the tail end of this epic journey..and what a journey it’s been.

It’s a strange thing…if you asked me now, would I tackle it again, I would probably say NO. I was pondering this very question today as I was walking. I don’t for one minute regret my decision to walk the VF….far from it! It has been truly the most surreal walk a distance of over 2000 kms, through 4 countries for a start has been a unique experience and one which will be deeply imbedded in my psych. It will be there eternally to add to the ever changing layers that are my life experiences and the person that I will hopefully add a new dimension to my time on this precious earth ..and help me to appreciate the very tiny, special aspects of life that I take for granted and in many cases…..are the most important : ) I can honestly say I’ve learned a life time of lessons on this walk, to which I can only be thankful. However….although I may consider doing parts of the Italian leg at another time….(as I looooove this country), I feel there are many other walks that I would like to tackle.
This walking thing gets under your skin, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have a lot of free time, it’s a little akin to a highly addictive drug : )

Today was special. Actually Tuscany is special…and indeed Italy! The walk out of Siena was at first a little suburban but quickly transformed itself into the rolling hills of rural Tuscany. I must add here though..the landscape has changed. Two days ago, we were surrounded by pretty mosaic vistas,spattered with varying shades of greens and terracotta but now the every rolling hills are predominantly of burnt yellows and browns with a spasmodic explosion of green to break the flow. Still very, very beautiful….

I’ll show you a few photos..

Walking out through the beautiful arch in Siena.

The morning was misty but transformed into a glorious day.



Some little friends I met along the way, they were kind of cute even though my photos are a little blurry.









How amazing is this countryside?? I couldnt work out from my camera roll which were the best to show you but then I decided…it doesn’t really matter : ) For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you will see all of today’s photos.

I arrived at our hotel in Lucignano at about 1.30 I think ..and Jo a little earlier. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon, shower, washing of clothes..little snooze, then the señora of the hotel drove me the short distance to the supermarket by car..but certainly not short by foot : ( so I could stock up on water and fruit for tomorrow…very kind of her.

We had a wonderful dinner tonight on their terrace, overlooking a beautiful Tuscan valley. A few more photos : )












Haha.. my photos i think,tell you of or day I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

Love Netia

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One Response to Siena to Lucignano

  1. Suzanne Lynch says:

    Hey Jo that gorgeous smile really sums up Tuscany it really is a beautiful place – seems with the weather setting off early in the day has been a great decision apart from avoiding the heat of the day you can enjoy that Rosso vino della casa as the sun sets! Travel safe girls enjoy the precious weeks left LOL sue lynch xx

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