Strove to Siena

Hello everyone from Siena!

Now,I know I said that we had decided to try and stay out of the bigger towns from here on in to Rome..but here we are in Siena : ) There were two things that led us here to this city…one, we were out of sync walking wise..and our next town within manageable walking distance was Siena. Any earlier would have been to short a walk and beyond Siena, would have been to far : ( The other consideration for us was the notoriety of Siena..we are ready for another rest day and in saying that have plenty of days to get to Rome , look around and meet our rescheduled flights back to Australia..for me July 15th. We have walked the VF to this date in excellent time and we are a little bit pleased with ourselves…our wonderful organisation which we still hope to raise lots of money for…CanTeen, which supports teenagers and their families living with cancer should be very proud of our strength and determination, as I think we have provided a good role model..The VF is tough, there’s no denying that..there’s so many obstacles but then again there’s so much joy and discovery. In a way I think our journey reflects a tiny portion of what many of the CanTeen community are living through. Our fundraising website..once again : ) is Please don’t feel indebted to support us in our campaign…but ANY contributions will be more than gratefully received : )

On reflection we decided that Siena was such a famous Italian city..that we really should spend some time here…so that’s exactly what were going to do..two nights in fact! Tomorrow morning I’m looking forward to attempting to sleep in..don’t think it’s going to be hard..and then Jo and I are meeting for breakfast at 9am and from there I plan a day of totally NOTHING : ) A little sight seeing here and there maybe…a little window shopping..can’t buy anything as I can’t carry it and some serious down time. I hadn’t realised it due to my nature… but I needed a break and yesterday was probably the first time that I let my body simply collapse.

Today, the walk to Siena was very pleasant..especially the walk into Monteriggioni . It was very special to visit this delightful village once again..this time not as patrons but simply walkers on the way through to further places. It brought back so many wonderful memories..of only the week before..soooo hard to believe! We sat there for while drinking coffee and enjoying the ambience.

Just a few words from me tonight. However Im going to show you just a few photos of the little village of Strove, our walk and a few of Siena…not too many I promise you : )





The track today was easy and tranquil…just a little bit up to Monteriggioni!




Beautiful Monteriggioni in the distance..this village has stolen my heart..



And just a few images of Siena..more to follow tomorrow..






Bedtime for me now. I’m going to sleep very well : )

Love Netia XX

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4 Responses to Strove to Siena

  1. Sienna is a beautiful city to chill out in. One of my favorites in all of Italy. Don’t suppose you are there for the horse race? What a spectacle that would be! We highly recommend a meal at Taverna del Capitano. One of the most memorable meals we had on our journey.
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy.
    Denise & Antonio

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Denise, no we miss the horse race but they are busy setting up for it now..I think it’s next weekend. I’m kind of glad we won’t see it as the square where the race is held is dangerous and I feel it’s cruel to make those poor horses career around such a space..apparently there’s lots of injuries : ( We are hoping to go to Taverna del Capitano for dinner tonight : ) thankyou for that. X

  2. Elizete says:

    Hi Netia, just caught up with your adventures. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos (never too many, in my opinion) and your day to day.As always, I feel like putting my boots on and join the VF. One day, for sure. Keep strong.Much love xxx

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