San Gimignano to Strove

Buona Sera!

Here we are in Strove…and I have to admit, when I arrived..I felt completely shattered. After much thought, this is the only word I can use to refer to my state of mind and indeed, my state of body : )
But now..I have bounced back : ) I first washed everything! My clothes from today, which were heavy with dust and sweat, my backpack..where I found a rotting apricot happily decomposing in perfect conditions : ), my beloved boots got a rinsing and now, if I allowed them..they would be strutting proudly around in all their glory and lastly my hat! My hat needed urgent attention. It has struggled under the weight of perspiration for quite a few days now and giving it a good wash was the least I could do in order to repay it for its uncompromising loyalty in protecting me from the harsh rays of the Italian sun. So all is now good in that department : )

Now we get to my body…I arrived here in this gorgeous little village of Strove and felt tired! Very, very tired. Although the walk today was beautiful..there were some very tough sections..lots of up bits with very little relief and I think I was probably suffering from a depletion of mineral salts from excessive perspiration. My remedy…long cool shower, 2 bottles of Gatorade and lots of water, then a nap where I drifted in and out of a surreal VF world ….now I feel great!

I met Jo, who had arrived much earlier than me..later on this afternoon for a glass of wine, where we were able to discuss our plans for tomorrow.



Jo has decided to take it easy tomorrow, so we will meet for breakfast at 7am and then head off together shortly after. We’re both happy with this arrangement as its nice to be able to share the days walk with another. There’s lots to discuss! It’s interesting to note here though…I have developed a delightful zone which I can retreat into almost instantly when I walk’s almost as if I’m in a bubble..observing the surroundings but the physical stresses presented to me while walking evaporate into non importance. This state comes from walking long, long distances….and is one of the joys and treasures learned from walks such as this.

I was up this morning in good time and had a tasty breakfast at a nearby bar….fresh orange juice, toasted sandwich and coffee. I left San Gimignano at about 7.15am and started my day : )

It was a lovely morning although a little hazy.. as the morning sun was shrouded by low lying cloud. Perfect for walking : )
Here a few photos of my morning walk.






The VF path, perfectly maintained, directly through someone’s backyard…thankyou to them : )





I was especially thankful this afternoon for some very pretty, shady tracks… : )

Tomorrow before we set off..I hope to take a few photos of this beautiful little village..I think you will all love them! Looking back on my photos from today..and indeed the past few days..I feel a little overwhelmed, although my photographic skills are basic..and I have a simple but good camera..I’m so pleased with the images I have been able to show you. There’s such a loverly beauty in this part of the Italy and I think.. we have been able to discover a little of it as we have been walking along forest tracks. So often, I have seen cars speeding past..with cameras held out of open windows..taking snapshots of passing scenes…. I honestly feel enormously privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in this journey… : )

Ok.. before I get a little emotional…Buonanotte from me : )

Love to you all,

Netia X

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6 Responses to San Gimignano to Strove

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Hmmmm …Netia you make me feel tired just reading your blog .I can just imagine how you are feeling, totally exhausted in body and mind !!!!!! Start winding down now … : ) Save some energy for beautiful Rome!! I Sent some more photos via email ..Lots of love xxx

  2. Liz wells says:

    You certainly inspire those who read your journey on foot…I always love the time out to read your blog and always feel so uplifted and happy xxx

  3. Liz wells says:

    Sally can you send me some latest baby pics tooxxx

  4. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Beautiful scenery

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