Gambassi to San Gimignano

Hi Guys…. Everything is just great here : )

I’ve had a wonderful, wonderful day…Tuscany just keeps getting better and better!

However before I start on today, I just want to show you a few photos from the past two days. Sadly once again, the Internet was non- existent in Gambassi, so I have a little bit of catching up to do : (

My first duty is to show you a few photos from our stay in San Miniato, as remember the Internet was appalling and I was only able to load three photos… Some off these are slightly embarrassing for me …but I thought my girls would enjoy hollowing in unison..” ohhhh, Mumm!!” : )

Tuesday night get together of 200 (!) preparations are underway..Jo and I had been very kindly invited as their guests : )

A spectacular venue!


One hungry pilgrim staring hopefully into an empty bowl…dinner wasn’t served until 10 pm!!!



Oh oh ..the night quickly disintegrated : (

Damn those italianos…didnt they realise we had to get up early : (

The walk from San Miniato to Gambassi was lovely but we chose to deviate off the VF slightly, in order to cut a few kms off the route… a compromise we trekked for quite a bit along narrow roads that were quite heavy with traffic…not ideal but happily we arrived in Gambassi safely : )

Our accomodation last night was wonderful…pilgrim style and prices : ) but very clean, neat and all needs were catered for. Last night I spoke with Anna, who I think manages the hostel..which is attached to the Santa Maria church and she indeed was the architect involved. Its very hard to communicate succinctly, when your conversing in English, Italian and Spanish but I have her email…and when my next little project transforms itself into reality, I will definitely be in contact with her…I love her style, she has thought of everything : ) I would love to provide a basic, cheap pilgrims area…comfortable and inviting but with areas to be able to relax…make a cup of tea, cook a bit of dinner, do a little washing… Only those of us who have been on the road for so long understand, how basic a pilgrims needs are..but I would like to provide just a tiny bit of spoiling : )


The dining room..


Ok today!!

As you all know, Jo is struggling with the heat..and I’m struggling with sleep deprivation after writing blogs etc when I fall into bed. We decided yesterday to set off at different times..Jo left at 5.30 am this morning and I left just before 7am as I wanted to catch the little store in Gambassi to stock up on provisions for the day. This worked perfectly as we had already booked our accommodation in San we could meet at the end of our day : ) This arrangement works well for us for the next few days….it’s sad that we won’t be able to share sights together…but physically, I know..I won’t be able to make any 5.30 starts : (

Some sights along the way today!!!





Look at how far we have to go!!



This is Mario! I had a very pleasant stop here..he called to me as he was clipping his hedge and invited me into his property to view his garden…it was beautiful! I stayed for at least half an hour chatting then continued on my way.

A few more photos then nigh night from me : )



I feel quite disturbed by this photo..but here you have it : (
A couple more photos….. then bed for me: )





Good night everyone,

Netia XX

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One Response to Gambassi to San Gimignano

  1. jacqueline buchanan says:

    You look so relaxed, like you’re on holiday. I love the penultimate picture

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