Pietrasanta to Lucca

Buona Sera from Lucca!

Here we are in Lucca.. It’s a strange thing, we’re staying here within this beautiful walled city, history stamped on every inch of it but I sadly feel no connection.. I think the main reason might be due to …but Im not completely sure..the tourists : ( I feel a little like I’m in a foreign place..there’s no longer the familiarity of the quiet, out of the way Italian villages, with only the friendly locals to happily coerce me into just extending my vocabulary attempts a tiny bit more..so I can learn to get my message safely imbedded into their understanding. Also, the delicious array of traditional food has been lost..due to the need to cater for the crowds.. Here, in this stunningly beautiful town..the raucous echos of English, American and indeed Australian tones, resonate like a massive church bell in my ears. There’s no chance to savour the beauty that surrounds us.. I will return, without a doubt..when the tourist season has lulled and then, I will experience this little town as it slips back into a sleepy state of oblivion : )

With this in mind.. we have decided to try and avoid the main touristy villages from here on in. For example, when we hit Sienna..we will try and stay at small villages on either side and then do a day trip into the town. I think this will work perfectly!

I want to show you first, some photos I took last night of an incredible sculpture exhibition that was held in Pietrasanta while we where there. It seems, after quizzing a few locals, very badly…..
now I have to learn Italian as well as Spanish and how is my tiny little brain going to cope.. that Pietrasanta is a very artistic village. We had no idea of this and it was an absolute delight to make the discovery : ) Some sculptures that I found special…







The walk to Lucca was very pleasant.although a little warm : ) ..but in saying that, there are going to be quite a few stages where the going will be tough due to heat… in the next 400 kms, so I guess we have to gather as much inner strength as possible and soldier forth.. At the end of a long day, after the conditions have appeared insurmountable , there always seems to be an angel looking after us : )
Ok, some photos of our walk today…





Not particularly inspiring photos I’ll agree.. But hopefully gives you a little idea of our journey…. I hope tomorrow will be better ; )

Love…. From a very tired Netia.. But still happy: )

tomorrow will be better

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2 Responses to Pietrasanta to Lucca

  1. Bram Deknatel says:

    Hello Netia, What a wonderful trip you are making. Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I fully agree, what you write about Luca. I was there two years ago with a group of painters doing landscapes. Luca itself is like a museum, but does not have the grandeur of Florence or Rome. Pietrasantra is the mecca of sculptors. No wonder you found some wonderful sculptures there. I admire your courage to do this and I am sure this will give you much satisfaction. Hope to see you once again, may be on an other expedition. Kindest love from Bram

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