Sarzana to Pietrasanta

Hi everyone!

On the road again….. : )

This morning Jo and I left the intimate, closed walls of Monteriggioni and headed off into the big, wide VF world once again.. well and truely ready for our next adventure! I’ve been so fortunate to have been able to treat the last 6 days as recreational.. a wonderful bonus. Now our batteries have been refreshed and we’re more than ready to tackle the last 3 weeks of this amazing journey. There have been highs and lows…. where our minds and bodies have sometimes separately and sometimes in unison…either sung out joyfully at the coming together of endeavours or sunk to sulky lows, trying to grapple with tasks that seem insurmountable at the time : ).. But always we have been able to bounce back and treat each new day with renewed vigour! As I’ve said before, we are both very different : ) ..but the combination works..and this is the most important ingredient needed for a pilgrimage such as the VF. There’s a need to compromise and work as a team..which doesn’t always happen …… she’s making me get up tomorrow at 5.30, so we can be on the road by 6am. Not happy!! : ( In saying that however, I can fully understand that Jo suffers unbearably with the heat…and Italy is certainly heating up…so I’m going to be a happy little chappy in the morning and be ready to go at 6: ) The wonderful thing here is, after dragging yourself out of bed far earlier than can possibly be good for the human body.. the crisp still morning air and exquisite light, in turn acts as pure nourishment for the soul.

It was a wonderful two nights in Monteriggioni. We enjoyed the peace of the place and also the festivities immensely ..however at times it was a little difficult to decipher what the agenda was..due to the language barrier : (
In saying that…I’m thinking of a plan..and my plans often materialise before me with only a gentle nudge of a stray thought.. my family and close friends can vouch for that : ) The general theme of this weekend..I gather, was to promote long distance walking and cycling in Italy, with an emphasis on accommodation along the way. There were two delightful Spanish señoras speaking last night who spoke in reference to this topic on the Camino Frances…I completely understood them : ) yay!!!
I would love..hopefully in the immediate future to open my own little pilgrim accommodation shelter but also extend it to the wider public..however it would be exclusively offered first to those traipsing this trail… I have fallen in love with this country..I don’t particularly love the big cities but the regional food and wines are amazing, the people have been exceptionally friendly and accepting and the smaller villages which have splayed themselves decoratively on our paths..have been simply beautiful. Lots to think about…..

I just want to show you the last of my Monteriggioni photos before I quickly show you a little of today. I’ve gone on for far to long..remember I have to be up at 5.30 am!!

Here’s me peering out our little window to the garden below..but the view beyond was stunning!





Our cosy room was in the building wedged beside the church and the opposing building.

A pilgrims feast, at a pilgrims festival… where the TRUE pilgrims were salivating from their bedroom window : ( …a little amusing ….however only after our tummies were gently coaxed into a gentle state of acceptance……… : ) : )

Ahh.. today!

Well for starters Jo had me out of bed at 5.15am…I’m going to get her back for we could catch the 6.52am train, with a change in line to Sarzana. From there we commenced our VF pilgrimage just a few kms on from where I left off, in Aulla.

The light this morning was very beautiful.
Looking back on the walls of Monteriggioni.


We chose the VF route along the coast as much as possible today and then we headed inland to Pietrasanta, where we are staying tonight. Before I finish with today’s photos and comment very little..I promise….the B&B that we are staying at tonight is exceptional! We have spacious, airy rooms and bathrooms..and the kitchen facilities are exceptional…lots of food for thought for me : )

I’d say..a fairly regular Italian beach scene : )



Much of our walk today, before we headed inland to Pietrasanta, a little hot but interesting in the change of pedestrians…



Ok..I couldn’t decide amongst the next few photos…so you’ve got the lot! So special..these guys were not going was hot and they were tired!





Only a couple more..I promise: ) The walk into Pietrasanta was very beautiful…beside a beautiful park.



I must leave you now! Just looked at my watch!

Hopefully I have Internet tomorrow night…it’s going to be a big day tomorrow..30 kms! I hope to be able to tell you all about it : )

Love and special big hugs to my family and friends,

Netia X

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4 Responses to Sarzana to Pietrasanta

  1. Alan says:

    Hi Netia,
    Loved the typo – “Piedtrasata” – obviously because you walked there “a pied”!
    It looks very different to when I walked along the beaches in early May – all the beach clubs (and the towns) were shut for the off-season. Loving the blog and looking forward to travelling through Tuscany again ‘with you”.
    Ultreya Alan

  2. mandy castles says:

    Hi netia, just having a big catchup on your travels, sitting by our open fire as its freezing here!! reading between the lines are you planning to move to Italy!!! i knew you would love it and cant wait to see you when you get home. loads of love and hugs xxxxxxx

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