Hello from beautiful Monteriggioni!!

I am so pleased to be here and I know Jo is also : ) Monteriggioni is a stunning walled village, set in the heart of Tuscany, built in the early 13th century initially to safeguard the city of Sienna from its rival Florence…truely beautiful and an absolute delight to be here..

The morning here is very warm and the skies a clear azure blue, the depth and beauty in the assorted hues of the village walls are reflected in its glow…a very special experience.


We arrived here yesterday afternoon, after catching a train from Florence and then a bus and finally a little way on foot : ) We were very lucky with the help of Alberto Conte, to find a perfect little room. complete with small kitchen and bathroom..right in the centre of Monteriggioni. One of the walls of our room is shared with the beautiful it’s all very precious : )


Actually, you’re not going to believe this but I’ve just found what seems like the only wifi point in this tiny little village…inside the church, so I’m sitting here tranquilly with ethereal piped music, very softly in the background..and as always for me in these wonderful structures, I’m feeling just a teeny bit emotional….. : )


This weekend in Monteriggioni, there is a festival conducted by Albertos company ItinerAria in conjunction with his not for profit organisation..Movimento Lento, which has been organised to promote cycling and walking through Italy..with an emphasis on the VF. I must say here that, he and what seems like his tireless team of workers have done a brilliant job : )

A few photos of Monteriggioni….











Last night, after we had eaten dinner we enjoyed listening and dancing to a fantastic band…playing folk type music…I thoroughly enjoyed myself and thought they were wonderful : ) After these long weeks that we have walked, it’s a pleasure to participate in something a little out of the ordinary. The atmosphere was warm and congenial, with at least two hundred people gathered in this tiny little village to enjoy the festivities.

A photo of last night of where we ate….the village lit gently, absorbing the physical and emotional warmth of the night.


Well I must go now… I want to go and explore a’s nice being able to write this blog during the morning, rather than at night when I’m usually very tired : ) From tomorrow though, we will be back on the road again…so back to a night time blog it will be..

Love to you all,

Life is special….

Netia XX

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5 Responses to Monteriggioni

  1. Treasa B says:

    Your blog has become an inspiration for a few of us here in Phoenix AZ. We are getting shape to do the Camino in the not to distant future and following your travels so far have just lit a spark in us’ Keep posting those pics.

  2. jacqueline buchanan says:

    This has been a wonderful journey for me. Thanks Netia.

  3. jacqueline buchanan says:

    The room looks amazing.We were lucky enough to stayin something similar on the VdlP last year.

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