More Florence!

Hi there to everyone : )

Well here I am sitting in my hotel room..writing a little update for you of our day in Florence yesterday.

Today, we are planning to leave Florence for Monteriggioni a little later..and spend a night or two there before we head back to where we left the VF. Its been a wonderful few days rest but my boots are starting to look a bit lonely in the corner of my room and I think they’ll be pleased to be filled by their trusty feet ..and set off down the track again.

Yesterday was great! Florence is such a beautiful city…it would be easy to spend more time here, exploring all the little streets, markets, amazing architecture and galleries. The shopping has to be seen to be believed! There doesn’t seem to be one main commercial area but more little shops dotted all through the city.. I could be wrong though. It’s such fun to explore all the stores and it’s actually quite nice to know that I can only look and not buy…as I can’t carry any more : ) no decisions need to be made!

The night before at dinner we met a lovely young girl Johanne from Perth. I mentioned to her that we had both booked haircuts for the next day and she generously offered to give us both a haircut in my hotel room..she’s in Italy for a hairdressing conference in Rome. We couldn’t believe our luck! She had her scissors, hairdryer..the lot : )


The finished products..we were happy with the results : )

A few photos from yesterday.







Yesterday afternoon, after spending a lovely lunch with Johanne and wandering through the market, Jo and I visited the Uffizi Gallery. There we were treated to some incredible works of Botticelli….an absolute delight to have the privilege to view.

This is only a short little blog as I’m madly tapping to get It down and I can hear the hotel vacuum getting nearer and nearer…I was supposed to have vacated my room 15 minutes ago : (

One more photo before I MUST go.. Jo saying goodnight to me last night : )


Well I’m off now, time to stuff everything back into my pack and head off to beautiful Monteriggioni!

Love Netia xx

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2 Responses to More Florence!

  1. Liz wells says:

    I love your blog…so inspirational Venetia x

  2. Elizete says:

    Ah, Florence… This is one place I want to go to one day. Thanks you for the photos xxx

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