Hi everyone!

Well here we are in Florence, until Friday.. when we will make our way over to Monteriggioni for the weekend : )..and then head back up to around Sarzana.. roughly where I departed company with Hugo a few days ago and from there we will continue our pilgrimage.. This will mark the beginning of our trudge..an appropriate word at this stage… : ),through Tuscany. In all I will have had six days rest!! Incredible..but my mind is gently starting to insistently tell my body that rest is important…to enable it to do its job and maintain the buoyancy needed on such a pilgrimage. The mind is such a delicate, sensitive little soul..I’ve said this before, it needs to be nurtured and nourished to enable it to function to its highest ability..free of self doubt and negativity : )

Ok, today!

We had a leisurely morning..mine was spent having a yummy breakfast and charging iPad, iPhone and camera…as far as I’m concerned necessary devices to maintain my mental equilibrium on this journey. Others may beg to differ. Actually on that note I must comment : ) There’s an interesting mix of people that are compelled to walk these long distances. On the Camino Frances the range of ages is huge and the reasons for walking is equal. Not so on the VF. Hardly any pilgrims in sight…and think I’ve told you about them all! However on both the Camino and the VF, there’s a real pilgrims attitude which seems to have been adopted by most. From my part, the spiritual..although not religious…is important. If anyone is hoping to set out on this route and also considering it as a true religious pilgrimage.. please stay at home : ) You won’t find many churches with their doors unlocked…which I must say I find very disappointing, from a non religious point of view.. as I love to go into their tranquil depths and sit for a while in meditation.

We caught the 11.13 train from Monterosso to Firenze but decided to hop off at Pisa..just so we could take a few photos of “The Leaning Tower “and view for ourselves this remarkable monument. Although it was extremely touristy ….it was a totally amazing sight.

First impression..

A few more photos..totally amazing architecture..incredible!


<;;;;img src="https://wheresnetia.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/20120613-230514.jpg" alt="20120613-230514.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

A poor, very tired boy..waiting for the next lot of tourists..just so he can trot around on hard pavement..and possibly add to his injuries : (…… Don’t get me started…: (


Florence!! : )

We arrived.. checked into our 1 star but perfect hotel 🙂 and then set off to find David .. some sights along the way but many more tomorrow.




Ok…for all of you women….or men for that matter, out there who have been denied the opportunity to view the male body and anatomy recently.these next images will please you greatly : )




Stunning! Finally viewing the actual statue was nothing short of unbelievable : )

Ok…..bedtime for me : )

Netia X

Hahaha !!..

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