Pontremoli to Cinque Terre!!

Hello, hello hello!!

I’m so excited!

Jo and I over the course of today have been reunited and have hatched the most wonderful plan for our next 6 days..indulgent, with not much walking involved and far removed from what we had planned : ) Here’s the itinerary… Tonight..we are luxuriating in style in the beautiful village of Monterossa in the Cinque Terre! We plan to stay here tomorrow night as well and have a bit of a stroll between the villages, Wednesday we head off to Florence for two nights and then on the weekend we will be in Monteriggioni for a festival. Then…we will head back to where we left the VF and continue on our way : )
It’s amazing how plans can change in the course of a day : ) This morning when I left Pontremoli with Hugo..I was planning to meet Jo in Aulla and we were going to set off to Sarzana tomorrow by foot..and then work out how we could arrange a few Cinque Terre days. However..we were both hatching little alternate plans individually and luckily they merged brilliantly and as a result….the next few days look very exciting : )

It’s wonderful to hear the ocean’s music in the background as I write this blog..very special : )


Haha.. Jo and I finally found our hotel which we booked on my little iPad 1 hour before and it looked perfect..and it was!!

The view from my bedroom window..

Today..was another great day. The way was a little tough in parts..I fell over two times!! The most embarrassing on a paved road…when there were no obstacles in my path! Both times as I entered that zone, as I was falling in slow motion…my immediate concern was my iPad…and then any strains or breaks….I can’t imagine what it would be like not to be able to finish this pilgrimage…especially now that we are nearly there in Rome..I think less than 500 kms to go…amazing : )

I’m having so much difficulty posting today’s photos as the internet connection..unlike last night..is horrible! No photos tonight, sorry..but I will hopefully have some for you to view in the morning.

I want to thank our new friend Hugo for his company over the past few days. He has been a wonderful companion and support for us both as we have scrambled over rocky terrain…… : ) Especially in the past two days..while Jo has been resting, it’s been wonderful to have a companion who is easy to spend time with and is also in sync with the needs of fellow pilgrims : ) Hugo has now left us..and is continuing on to Rome but hopefully we might see him again somewhere along the track….

A big hug to everyone and tomorrow I’ll tell you a little of our walk today : )

So much to look forward to in the next few,days…. : )

Love Netia XX

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4 Responses to Pontremoli to Cinque Terre!!

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Sounds like a wonderful plan…….So happy for you both. Your body also sounds like it needs a well earned rest …I hope the falling over is not hereditary..hahaha !!! Sorry ! xxxx

  2. David Toole says:

    have a good rest break and enjoy Florence- you deserve it :=]

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