Berceto to Pontremoli

Hi everyone…well today was a special day : )

As I mentioned yesterday, Jo decided to stay with our gorgeous family in Berceto for an extra night….just to recuperate a little and catch her breath and then meet up tomorrow in Aulla…from where we plan to hot foot it down to the Cinque Terre and have a couple of well earned rest days : ) For me..this was fine, we are a partnership in this journey and we both are individual in our needs.. one of my wishes was to see as much of this area as I can….. and today was magnificent! Mind was not an easy walk..far from it! However the signage was perfect, the ever changing scenery was delightful and the way….although tough in parts, was stunning!!!

Actually the easiest way to describe it to you is to show a few : ) photos..and then you’ll understand!

The beautiful view outside my bedroom window this morning, looking out over Berceto.

Goodbye to our host gorgeous Marcino and Jo.. as Hugo and I set off for the day.



Walking on top of the world along a narrow ridge with breathtaking valley views on either side.. And just over the next rise, in a little dip, we came across a wonderful scene : )








There’s so many photos from today..and I don’t won’t to bore you all too much with them..but the Internet is fantastic tonight and they’re loading very quickly…so be prepared to be bored : )

A gorgeous little house with corn drying in the sun.. : )

The next stage of our journey was plain sailing…until we hit the river…….
We had three options here.. One very easy…take off our shoes and wade across the babbling brook..very gently, nice and easy : )


The second was difficult..not an option..traverse the river combat style on a system of steel cables……….. : (


The third seemed easy..and was the one we chose, head a little upstream and act out a little balancing routine across a plank, a huge boulder and then a torrent of water..hmmm ..not a good choice..


Haha..this was a little scary here..but kind of fun : ) I think I might be a little bit strange : (


Just a few more photos..I promise. : )



There were sections of the track today that were utterly spell bounding …but again there were special sections that were quite simply beautiful.




Good night from me…I think we’re heading towards Aulla .but anything can happen : )

Love Netia X

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11 Responses to Berceto to Pontremoli

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Hi Netia , LOVE the photos …..and I am so happy you have someone to walk with …Sorry Jo couldn’t have been there to experience this part of the track with you …Looks amazing !!!!
    Did the photos of Xavier arrive on your email ..Hope so !!! xxxx

  2. Sheila says:

    Hi – I found your blog through a Google alert I have for Pontremoli, as we live in the area, and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your walk, so much so that I linked to your blog from my Facebook page, and I look forward to your future posts on the Via Francigena in Lunigiana.

    I also think I might have seen you today as we were driving through Aulla after lunch!

    Good luck with the rest of your walk.

    Sheila from Ciao Lunigiana

    • wheresnetia says:

      Ciao Sheila : ) nice to hear from you! I think the whole of Pontremoli noticed me yesterday…a smelly dishevelled pilgrim emerging from the bush is always something to take note of!! Your Facebook page looks so interesting..when I have more time I’ll have a little look. Doing a little detour from this area to visit Cinque Terre, Florence and pilgrims festival in Monteriggioni until Sunday then starting back on trail from Saranza.. Netia : )

  3. Alice says:

    Love reading about today – photos are beautiful! miss you mumma xx

  4. Sally Savage says:

    Hi there beautiful you look so glam everywhere you go! Your photos are spectacular and its so easy to get absorbed in your wonderful travels. I miss you but Im thrilled your having a great time.Thinking of you!
    hugs sally savagexx

  5. Prue says:

    Soooo Beautiful!

  6. Liz wells says:

    The highlight of my day is to read about your journey….Am going to miss it when you finally come to a stop. The photos are magnificent, they tell a story in themselves.

  7. Elizete says:

    The photos and your words are never boring.Keep them coming 🙂 Big hugs xxx

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