Medesano to Berceto

Hi there!

Here we are in Berceto, staying at B&B Gioli…with a totally gorgeous family!! There were two neat bedrooms here when we arrived, but in a very short time, Jo and I, after opening our packs have managed to create a scene more in keeping with a mismanaged laundry : ) However, in saying that, one of the wonderful things about this place, is that they do indeed have a washing machine..for our use!!! No hand washing for me today….everything I owned was shoved into that machine and now is happily dancing in the sun… smelling sweetly of lavender and fresh air.

The family are pictures sadly but extremely hospitable : ) We have been made to feel like part of the family and completely at home.

When we arrived here Jo collapsed onto her bed and slept for a few hours. As she is still unwell she has decided to stay here tomorrow night to recuperate and then catch a train and meet me in Aulla on Monday evening….from where we will again continue together. This is for the best I think, as she needs to have a sleep in and give her body the time it needs to rest and repair itself.
Hugo is happy to walk with me to Pontremoli tomorrow and then Aulla the following day…so I’ll be glad of the company : )

This morning we met Hugo at about 7.45 and walked about 20 kms towards Berceto before catching a bus for the remaining kms. The problem again is..accommodation : ( This is such a beautiful area but It seems there are only a few arterial roads, leading over the ranges. The VF avoid having to walk along these few roads, heads off along mountain tracks, which unfortunately in turn means to get from one source of accommodation to another… quite a long hike is created : ) The afternoon was very warm, the temperatures now seem to be averaging about 30 C but the humidity is high. At times, if I close my eyes..and let my vivid : ) imagination take hold, I feel like we could be passing through the depths of an Amazon rainforest…such is the moisture in the air..Also it’s reflected in the general feeling of vaporisity in my photos over the past few days.







We had an extended stop in Fornova, where we sat mindfully, each in contemplation viewing the
passing parade : )


Twins!! Though through careful observation…very different in nature : )

A small school group…that I forced myself into : ), giving them a history lesson of the VF at the same time..

A headless pilgrim, or maybe a pilgrim who has lost his head….I think the latter is more appropriate : ) Hahahaha….

On arriving in Berceto we were confronted with some more delightful sights…




Tomorrow is another day..and now it’s time for bed.


Love Netia X

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One Response to Medesano to Berceto

  1. Louie Dearias says:

    Netia, , this is all so helpful for our trek in September. Can you please send me the name of the B&B you referred to? We may want to stay there. About how many KMs are you trying to walk each day? is water readily available on the route?
    Safe travels

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