Fidenza to Medesano


Well today was wonderful…although I must admit once again : )….I’m just a little tired..hmmmm, sounds a little like a broken record but that’s just the way it is. There’s no escaping the extreme tiredness that we occasionally experience on our journey to Rome. There’s a constancy about a pilgrimage which is hard to put into words. In one aspect you’re free…a most incredible feeling…there are very few time restraints and not much to think about each day but the next footstep..although I must admit Jo and I have spent a little of our walking hours deep in discussion …. : ) but there is also a part which is incredibly tiresome. The hours at the beginning and end of each day, roll into a monotonous sameness…with a collection of chores that need to be done. I guess, whatever way you choose to lead your life..this will always be the case.. Maybe we all should be a little more mindful of the Buddhist way …of which I must say I have very limited knowledge …but i like the concept of living precisely in the moment and treasuring every time frame, which then in turn leads to the next…. : ) In hindsight.. probably needs a lot more dedication than my special little brain is able to give : )

Actually tonight, Jo and I met with Hugo…. who arrived in Medesano also this afternoon … and we shared a lovely meal of beautiful fresh pasta but I had to excuse myself early : ( I was feeling a little like I was in a vacuum, words and laughter echoing around me but my head was in a different place. Not to worry though..I’ve just had a beautiful warm shower and tucked myself into bed.. and I’m now happily filling you in on our day.

The walk today was just great! The scenery was stunning..we are now entering the mountains and I’m particularly enjoying the undulating landscape, after the level plain of the Po Valley.

A few photos….

A welcoming VF reminder near the beginning of our 23 km walk today and I can happily say, that cheery little sign, always appeared just when we needed it along the entire route today : ) A big thankyou to those of you that have maintained this way so well!





Haha..I found a log to perch on and rest a while : )



A peacock on the loose!!



Despite a few ‘hilly’ bits the way was serene and very beautiful today.


No more photos from me.. I think the last one captured our walk today, simply stunning..and once again, I thank those that tirelessly attempt to update the VF in order that we mIght all walk it safely ….Today, from my perspective was a special day : )

Love Netia X

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6 Responses to Fidenza to Medesano

  1. themazzons says:

    Well done girls! You have certainly traversed the most challenging parts of the way I would think. You would not believe how handy that umbrella would be here at home. We are again harranged by rain storms!!!

  2. boosblog1 says:

    hi JoJo and Netia, These photos are amazing – especially the green field with red/orange flowers framed by those two beautiful trees – a pro shot !!! loving your blogs and often get the sense i am actually there myself. go girls…… hugs booey

  3. michael cannington says:

    Wonderful photos Netia…yet again! As you suggested in all aspects of life there is some form of monotony and tiredness no matter what. Melbourne weather has been cold and rainy for over a month now, so when in doubt think of your friends over here wishing they couild be taking every step with you guys. Luv your work and I wake up every morning to the enjoyment of your photos and blogs. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thanks :);)

  4. Bernadette Cook says:

    Hi Netia – look forward to hearing about your journey each day – and loving the fabulous pics and stories. Can you please tell me the charity address again – I need to pay for all this enjoyment.
    Stay safe on this fabulous adventure. Bernadette x

  5. wheresnetia says:

    Hi Bernadette..the address for our Canteen fundraising page is
    Thankyou so much!! Looking forward to catching up on breakfast shift at Sacred Heart when I return: ) xx

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