Garlasco to Pavia

Hi there everyone..

Well here we are in Pavia.. It was an interesting walk today.. mainly through rice fields and then along a wide river, bordered by white sandy beaches.

I have been fascinated by the this part of Italy.. I have read so much about the distance it covers..a few hundred kilometres.. and indeed it’s monotony and unfortunately I had developed preconceived notions about what to expect. Interestingly, I have found a particular beauty in it that I’m glad I have experienced. In a way it can be paralleled with the wonderful Meseta is Spain. There’s an equivalent endlessness and sameness about it… however also a magical shift of light as the day progresses and a particular beauty in the simplicity of the landscape. The smallest of detail springs out to command your attention as the senses are sharpened to surrounding smells and sounds.

I must show you a few photos, where I have tried to capture a little of its beauty. There is none of the vivid greens and yellows and the gorgeous villages of France, the grand beauty of the Swiss Alps, or the picturesque Aosta Valley as we entered Italy. Here we have a raw simplistic beauty…mainly drawn from light and shade. I’m so sorry as my photos are as good as I can do…but you need to be there to appreciate it : )




A dwelling isolated by an expansive stretch of water..



This morning we left the Algergo where we were staying, a little out of Garlasco at about 9 am. It was a charming place to stay, simple and clean. Here’s Jo saying goodbye to the gorgeous waiter….truely delightful!!


We have been fascinated as to why the VF signs here show the man striding along in front with the woman hot on his heels….and where is her backpack? Maybe he’s a true gentleman and carrying her stuff as well : ) Hmmmm……I don’t think so.



This afternoon we walked for part of the way into Pavia along a beautiful river. Its wide sandy beaches this Sunday afternoon were dotted with people enjoying the delights the water had to offer.




We stopped for lunch at a little riverside cafe…which initially was like a mirage in the distance with shady umbrellas and places to rest but in actual fact we were glad to eat quickly and move smacked sharply of the film ‘Deliverance’!


A few more photos of our riverside walk until we had to madly scramble up the side of a hill to and find the main road, in order to avoid the MOSQUITOES!!! They were out in force….

The bridge walking into the city of Pavia.

Tonight we are staying in a delightful pilgrims hostel in Pavia. It has apparently only been open for one month, is very clean and has everything we could ask for…so now I must go and give this bed I’m sitting on a road test : )


Love Netia XX

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2 Responses to Garlasco to Pavia

  1. cressey says:

    Hi Netia and Jo – I am following your pilgrimage blog with great interest as I set out myself next week. I fly to Paris Wednesday 6/6/12 and to Geneva the following Monday or Tuesday for a day or so and then I’m off to Lausanne, out of the train and Rome here I come! I’m very excited!!!
    I don’t suppose you have a list of good accommodation that you’ve found along the way or can tell me the couple of best you’ve found? I have a couple of lists but wonder if they would include hostels like the one in Pavia that have been only open for 1 month.
    Any hints (perhaps don’t forget the Aeroguard) would be gratefully received.
    Buen Camino

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