Roppolo to Vercelli

Hi…. : )

Hmmmm….it never ceases to amaze me on this pilgrimage of ours…when you least expect it, there’s always a story waiting, just around the corner! Hahaha… life is always full of twists and turns, enticing you to dig that little bit deeper, just so you might be able to appreciate a little bit more, that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Well, our pot of gold was minutely minor in the scheme of things and of course minuscule when I consider the ups and downs that I know many of you are experiencing…but I must tell you about our day : )

Today went from the absolutely the absolutely ridiculous..but then the pot of gold shone brightly and all was redeemed..

I woke this morning from what I thought was a deep sleep but Jo, who was sleeping in the next room said I spent a good part of the night gabbling away to myself… Hmmm… ….actually it fascinates me who I might have been communicating with : )

We had another yummy breakfast of eggs and toast, then set off at about 9ish for Santhia…about 15 kms away. We were vaguely thinking of staying the night there..but our plans changed.

Alberto has set us up with the entire Via Francigena route on my ipad with an app called Motion X Gps HD…simply remarkable! At any one time we can see exactly where we are and of course the whole route is accurately laid out before us. Today the way was exceptionally well marked with VF signage but apparently there are stages in this next section, where it is imperative that we have accurate way marking in the form of good maps. Thankyou once again Alberto : )

A few photos of our walk to Santhia…Alberto and his beautiful puppy Sveva accompanied us for some of the way.




Reluctantly we said our goodbyes to Alberto after a little way and we continued on our journey… It was such a special time in Roppolo for both of I have said before…we had a chance to regroup and totally relax before continuing or way : )

The walk to Santhia was very pretty, until we hit the outskirts of the town… when the landscape flattened and the outlook became quite industrial.. Some photos of our walk to Santhia..we walked through a gorgeous village, where we had coffee…..lovely church and beautiful hues in the surrounding buildings.






Haha..funny photo : )



Some wildlife we spotted along the way : )





And a couple more…sorry : (



Ok the story continues… we arrived in Santhia and we had decided as we walked , that we would continue on to Vercelli by train, where we would stay the the night. The interesting thing about this pilgrimage, in difference to the Camino Frances, is we don’t feel the absolute necessity to walk every step of the way…we’re tired pilgrims and so far, we have walked over 1000 kms with incredibly..due to the circumstances..very little assistance. We have another 4 or 5 weeks of walking and we’ve decided that we will skip the next few little tricky areas when the occasion arises.

Well, we arrived in Vercelli and went straight to the tourism office..and after eliminating almost all accommodation possibilities we were given instructions to a suitable cheap hotel on our route. Beforehand, among many others… we tried the Monastery which was closed and a B&B,which was full !

We arrived at our hotel and were greeted with VERY loud hip hop music but the bonus was, a pool.




All was good..sort of : ) we settled into our rooms, got organised and walked a kilometre or so until we found dinner for the night…..a basic restaurant but the food was fresh..

All fine until we got back to our hotel…very tired and ready for a big sleep.

Problem was… There seemed to be a party about to begin! Many, many cars were parked in the expansive car park!….. i approached the proprietor and very gently asked what time the PARTY was going to end..and he very gently told me 4 : ( that’s when my Spanish/ Italian came to the fore : ) After a heated discussion…he transferred us to another.. very quiet hotel, on the VF.. : ) Our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….. : )

Not much more to talk about tonight….I’m hoping to get a beautiful nights sleep.. So much going through my head though…

Lots of Love Netia XX

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2 Responses to Roppolo to Vercelli

  1. Elizete says:

    Wow! the last time I read your blog you guys were somewhere in France…Well done! Keep fiery and strong. Big hugs xxx

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