Buona Sera a todo..

Haha , I think I just wrote a mixture of Italian and Spanish then but what the heck you should get the general drift of what I’m trying to say! It’s interesting on that note..when I ask my usual ‘ do you speak English’ and there’s a shake of the head, my next question is ‘Espanol?’ and generally there’s a shake of the head or if I’m lucky a small sideways hand movement. With both, I tend to launch into Spanish anyway and more often than not my message is understood…very basically mind you but the communication gap has been bridged. It such a wonderful thing to travel in a foreign country and to be understood. I’m finding that as I spend more time here in Italy, Im desperately trying to tune into the flow of the language and sifting through the words and phrases that are similar or indeed imitate Spanish.

Today was perfect! Oh mi god….you have no idea how wonderful it is to stay in a beautifully comfortable house, a lovely easy host, who allows us to treat his home as our own and the luxury of a day with no plans : ) Bliss! It would be so easy to stay here indefinitely …but I think we are ready now..or more importantly, need to continue our pilgrimage..We’ve had three rest days..if you can count our sojourn to Milano as rest .. : ) but just one of the wonderful things about today was we could prepare our own food!! This morning we had eggs on toast for breakfast!! For any of you from Australia, who have travelled to Italy, France, Spain and who knows where else…this is not your standard fare : ) Actually, I’ve started to warm to cheese and meats with bread as a starter but the prospect of toast and a poached egg was irresistible. For dinner tonight, Jo and I prepared a simple meal of marinated chicken, fresh green salad and roast potatoes…it was delicious …but I think the beauty in this meal stemmed from the lack of the need to search for a restaurant or a food source that could satisfy our hunger. We could very simply, prepare our own meal…and savour every mouthful…. : )

I’d like to show you some photos from today..not many but I think a nice snapshot of this very cute village of Ropppolo.



That arched gateway is the entrance to Alberto’s house.

We visited an amazing underground cellar and purchased some great local wines to have with dinner.





The cellar was attached to a beautiful castle..the interior in particular was incredibly beautiful

A few more photos of Roppolo



We had a lovely dinner with Alberto..such a warm welcoming host, despite his stressful lifestyle at the moment with his growing business. Thank you so much Alberto! : )

Some photos form Albertos lovely home…








Night from me… : )

Love Netia XX

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2 Responses to Roppolo

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    It was so good to talk to you last night .You sounded so happy and the photos say it all ….you look and are happy !!!xxxx

  2. Prue says:

    Hi Girls,
    What a beautiful place to have a rest with a lovely host. It looks like a dream. Are you pinching yourselves to see if it is real? Keep well,
    Love Prue

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