Milano to Roppolo


All good with us… we’ve decided that we need a few rest days..and that’s just what we are having! Such a wonderful feeling for us to sit for a minute..totally enjoy the surroundings, breathe deeply and relax : ) At present we are staying with our very generous host, Alberto Conte. We can’t begin to thank him enough for his overwhelming hospitality and indeed trust. At our dinner meeting in Viverone two days ago, Alberto offered to accommodate us when we returned from Milano,in his home in Roppolo and then continue our journey from here. Roppolo is only one kilometre from Viverone. He very graciously gave us a key to his house, as he is exceptionally busy with work and tonight won’t be home until late. As a result, after leaving Milan this afternoon, we were able to make our way here, unload our packs, shower and completely unwind. The surroundings are exceptionally tranquil…lovely simple garden, beautiful big cherry tree laden with RIPE cherries : ), the sweetest dog and somewhere to eat simply……time out : ) I for blissfully happy.

Our visit to Milan was just great! I’ve heard so much of this city..and after passing so close..even though it was a little off the track, there was no other choice but to visit. I woke this morning a little early but had the luxury of snuggling back down under the covers.. such a cosy feeling.

After breakfast Jo and I met at about 10 am and then did a little sightseeing….not much mind you, more people watching: ) It was a very relaxed day…just what we needed..
A few photos….

In trouble again!




Made from marzipan would you believe and some more…I was just a teeny bit fascinated : )




A precious photo of a nun enjoying a beer and burger at Maccas.

Leonardo da Vinci



We left Milano this afternoon on the 3.15 train to Santhia, which is to where the day before we had to hitch hike: ) With a lot of luck…and fate, when we arrived at Santhia station, we wandered a little way with vague directions from the ticket master but somehow found someone who could advise us and help with ticketing for the bus lines. We are continually watched over : ) In Milan, we asked at the hotel and also the train station for help with bus timetables..and both declared, there was no bus!

Ok, bedtime once again : )

So pleased to be here!

Just want to tell you quickly about the next 10 days through the Po Valley : ( We were able to view it while travelling on the train to Milan. Many, many kilometres of rice fields …without shade..and very flat. Our guidebook also states, the stages of each day are very long and in some places no accommodation or shops for up to 30 or 40 km. A little intimidating! However the section to follow is going to be wonderful… maybe a detour to Cinque Terre, then Tuscany, detour to Florence…Rome : )

Love and big hugs,


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5 Responses to Milano to Roppolo

  1. Sandi D says:

    Do not miss Cinque Terre and stay 2 nights. Walk the 5 villages, take the train back. I stayed in Riomaggiore village, the seafood is fab and the icecream. You can ask at the cafe for accomodation as lots of the shop owners have apartments for rent. or at the Tourist Hostel shop.
    Keep Safe – Sandi D

  2. Victoria Middleton says:

    You absolutely MUST detour via Cinque Terre! And yes do the walks. Wonderful. My fav part of Italy. Xxxx

  3. David Middleton says:

    Go Gals! First comment from me so far because us cardiac patients are not allowed to get too excited. But I have to admit real things that turn out to be Marzipan almost put me over the edge. More animal pix please! Looking forward to hearing your take on the cinque terre. We struggled but you guys will smash it. Salut! D xoxox

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi David and Vicki!! Great to hear from you both… : ) Don’t forget to get up to Dinner Plain in next little while, Lots of Love to you all Netia XXXX

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