Viverone to Milano

Buona sera from Italy!!

Well here we are for the night in Milano..having a bit of a bludge from the VF : ) for those of you unfamiliar with Australian slang, that means quite simply….being tourists!! : )

First before I forget, I want to show you the view from my bedroom window this morning..


Jo and I about to leave Viverone for Milan….somehow…. : )

After leaving the Hotel Royal on Lake Viverone..and saying farewell to our very entertaining, charming hosts but that’s another story..we struggled with our packs,up the STEEP hill to the bus shelter in Viverone ( central?) and sat comfortably to wait for our bus to Santhia, where we would connect by train to Milano. We waited..then waited a little more, feeling pretty chirpy that all would be good : ) We then waited and waited and waited and no bus arrived : ( I found the bus time table that had fallen behind the seats and asked some local workmen if they could tell us when the next bus to Santhia would arrive..they all gravely shook their heads and indicated that there would be no bus today… Hmmm what to do…..

Jo then came up with the ingenious idea that we should rip out the front page of our pretty useless remaining guidebook and write” Santhia” in big black letters and try and hitch a ride! Sensational idea..only problem was the journey was about 20 kms and when one thought seriously about the way to one would be driving there unless it was absolutely necessary.. anyway we tried…which led to great hysteria..of the nice kind, unlike my last blog : )


It became evident that most travellers were entertained…however initially and very sadly no one stopped : (
Just when we were about to can the whole idea and head back to Viverone for a coffee and a rethink..a small sporty car passed and stopped a little way ahead. Jo excitedly yelled to me, ‘Netia …run, we’ve got a lift!!” We ran towards the car, lighthearted and with a confident spring in our gait sped off into the distance!!!!! Haha…I think after closer inspection they rethought their intentions..: )

Not long after though, we did manage to catch a ride with a very serious couple from Denmark. They had been travelling in they’re van through Spain and France and were on they’re way home. We were so excited to be gathered up by them..thinking that they would deposit us gently at the Santhia Station… not the case… instead we were thrown out on the outskirts of Santhia with about 5 kms to walk!!



<a href="
Oh was good while it lasted!

Eventually we arrived this afternoon in Milano: ) I'm off to bed now but first I'll show you some photos.. I'm so, so tired : ) I think I'll tell you about the rest of today….tomorrow : )

Not such a friendly character!





Love to all,

Netia XX

Tired….. : )

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One Response to Viverone to Milano

  1. Bernadette Cook says:

    Absolutely loving your blog, and admiring all the fantastic pics and your wonderful journey without having to do all the hard work. Thanks I look forward to reading your adventures each day.
    Cheers – Bernadette x

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