Chatillion to Pont Saint Martin to Viverone


Oh mi god..I had a very bad experience last night…. after having dinner and a long day..I sat down to write my almost daily blog, feeling happy that the hour was still early and that I should be ensured of a relatively early night. All was good, I felt organised and in control….. I like that : ) settling down comfortably..I pushed the Word Press app on my ipad and nothing happened…what I mean is, it just reverted to my home page…no blog page. I began tapping at the app casually…cajoling it gently to open but no response…. It wasn’t long before in true Basil Fawlty fashion, I was stabbing furiously at anything remotely resembling word press on my screen…but nothing happened. It was at this stage that I threw myself into a mild state of hysteria. It was then I realised….I have a blog dependancy : ( After midnight messages to my WONDERFUL nephew Hugh and numerous phone calls this morning…he talked me slooooowly and with carefully measured instructions through the reasons for my distress…and voila!.. I’m back with you all again : )

Sadly now, I’m finding it very hard to remember yesterday..but I’ll try. I’ve said this before but when walking very long distances as we are, the mind turns.. in an inward fashion and each day rolls into the next and each small event becomes part of the next….

Just before I show you some photos, I must tell you something interesting. We arrived at our hotel in Pont Saint Martin..and as I was unpacking my possessions, I realised that my hat was missing…
My brain immediately rationalised..that’s fine..we can find another in a shop somewhere tomorrow.
The interesting thing was..very similar to my blog…my life has been simplified so completely, that I needed THAT hat and no other. My hat has become part of my’s a precious part of the minuscule clothing that I carry..and really it would have been a huge tragedy if that hat was indeed completely lost! I scurried down to Jos room and relayed to her my dreadful news. She could remember it bobbing behind me, attached to my pack, as we entered a cafe just before we found our hotel in Pont Saint Martin. With the help of our wonderful hotel proprietor, who drove me back to the cafe…I was very lucky to find it!

The view yesterday back down the Aosta Valley from where we had come. It’s so interesting to look behind when we’re walking especially in these narrow valleys, to get a clear view of the mountains and paths we’ve traversed.

First in village 5 kms down the track, we’re feeling pretty happy!




A couple of photos of the many ruined castles which guard this valley.

Food..straight from the source!




The wonderful bridge in Pont Saint Martin dating back to 20BC

Just a couple of the locals..

Well today ….have to be quick unfortunately, as once again it’s getting very late : ( ..but this is a sort of catch up blog : )

This morning after a lot of heartfelt discussion, we decided to catch the train for the 15 kms to Ivrea and walk the 22 kms to Viverone from there. We’re tired: ) We need a few days to not think about walking or backpacks. Tomorrow, we are going to catch a bus and train to Milan and spend the night there…a little indulgence: ) : )

Today was a lovely walk…tough towards the end, as it was long and the air was warm..27 C in fact! The scenery is changing dramatically. Suddenly we have emerged from the valley, lined by a sentinel of towering mountains..into a green plain.

Tonight, after arriving very tired at our hotel, we had dinner with Alberto Conte. Alberto a lovely Italian man,is very involved with.. among other things, establishing the VF as a route that will one day be regarded widely as one of the great pilgrimages this world has to offer… and I think that this will be the case.

Some photos from today, then BED!!!



A different sort of VF signage..










Chin chin from two modern day pilgrims and buona notte.. : )

Love Netia XX

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5 Responses to Chatillion to Pont Saint Martin to Viverone

  1. Suzanne Lynch says:

    Girls – I was getting worried – I wake every morning own my email and read about your daily travels seems I also have ‘ blog dependency’ but thank god you are back on line! Another wonderful cow photo although that one of the goat is pretty darn good! Enjoy Milan and when shopping in the capital of fashion you are toting backpacks- enjoy lol sue L šŸ‘Ÿ

  2. walkmag says:

    Hi I am jealous …great blog and good pics …cheers..walkmag ( walking in europe fan )

  3. Victoria Middleton says:

    Yes , we’re all suffering ‘blog dependence’!! Can’t start the day without a cuppa and blog!
    Great pics. Xx

  4. Prue says:

    Good on you girls, I love your photos and glad the man took you to find your hat. You all look so well and happy.

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