Aosta to Chatillion

Hello to you all…

Feeling great and I can happily tell you that I’m well and truly back on track : ) Yesterday I was a little below par….but it was definitely not from physical exhaustion as you may imagine. The body when fit and strong…as ours are, tires at the end of each long day but is replenished overnight and with the only exception of illness, bounces back renewed with the birth of each day. However the mind is not so accommodating : ) On occasions, it takes a good deal of strength to kick start it into a zone where it is worry free..just reminding it gently that the body will recuperate…and all else will harmoniously fall into sync..once each are rested : )

Today was veeeeery long but good : )

Jo was eager to get going this morning she doesn’t cope well with the heat and wanted to put in a shortish day. I on the other hand, had to wait for the post office to open at 8am as I wanted desperately to send some clothes I no longer needed lighten my load. Jo, being incredibly organised , which believe me I admire greatly about her..had sent her parcel home the night before..
At breakfast Jo decided she would start walking and maybe wait for me along the track…didn’t happen : )…and so the adventure continues!

I eventually left the post office at about 8.30am and after calling into the tourist office to find my way out of town and indeed onto the VF track..I was on my way properly by about 9 am. The problem we are faced with now is no continuity of guide book. The one we eventually decided best suited our purposes and used from Canterbury to Great St Bernard Pass….ended there, the next edition to Rome,is in the printing stages now..definitely no help to us!

Yesterday, the signing of the VF provided by the Italian Aosta Valley authorities, was excellent! In good faith and with utmost confidence, we decided that this was the path that each of us would follow today.. Wellll……

I set off at a sprightly pace..1.3 kgs lighter and feeling just great! It’s amazing how just a slight adjustment in pack weight can make such an incredible difference. Initially, I had to do a few little back tracks..nothing serious mind you but eventually found the route 103, which apart from being a designated Italian walking route, supposedly seems to be the backbone of the VF in the Aosta Valley. I ambled along happily, feeling very smug that every turn I made slotted in perfectly to my route…all was sublimely blissful….despite some VERY,VERY STEEP up bits on the way out of Aosta…until I came to a dead end!! Nowhere to turn..: ( Feeling slightly jaded but maintaining my focus..I did a little backtrack to the previous village….only about 2 kms : ( and found a lovely Italian lady who pointed me in the right direction. After farewelling her, I was busy organising myself before I again set off, when who should come walking into view..but two more dishevelled souls who bore remarkable similarities to me! They turned out to be an absolutely delightful couple from Germany, who spoke very good English, Spanish, French and Italian. They were headed in the same direction as me towards Rome on the VF but were doing the entire route in 2 -3 week stages due to time restrictions. After establishing this I walked the rest of the day with them..before meeting up with Jo in Chatillion.

Sadly, somehow I lost Jo today.. We were in contact through sketchy phone messaging …which was not effective! Jo ended up having a much bigger day than she intended and walked a much bigger distance than she had envisaged..but putting all aside, we are now snuggly holed up in a hotel in Chatillion..ready to face the new day! I think we both respectively walked about 30kms today on our individual routes : )

A few of my photos from today…



Irena, who I walked with today.


Irena and Peter…lovely couple : )



There was a VF way marking sign hiding here in the bushes…someone needs to do some pruning!!


Back down the alley is the way we’ve come..


I’ve just checked the time and it’s now just after 12 am! No more blogging!!!

Bedtime…love to all,

Netia xx

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3 Responses to Aosta to Chatillion

  1. boosblog1 says:

    Loving your blog Netia. Look forward to it each day! Feels like i am with you both each step of the way!! Amazing photos and story. brava to you both. love boo

  2. jacqueline buchanan says:

    I’m sorry to hear you got lost again Netia. I suppose its inevitable if God wants it. When we did the VdlP last year we often got lost despite the yellow arrows, once we ended up in Portugal

  3. jacqueline buchanan says:

    One thing more, isn’t it great to have some people with you who can speak the language you need x

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