Orsieres to Aosta

Hello from Italy!! Our final country of four in which we travel through on this mammoth journey..

Firstly I want to tell you all how excited I am to be here…this is the country I have most wanted to visit on this walk…and now we’re here! I’ve been studying Spanish for the past few years and as a result, my passion has been to visit Spanish speaking countries to better my skills…which I’ve managed to do quite successfully…also in the past few years : ) As Italian and Spanish are so similar in nature…I’ve sort of been hoping that I might be able to converse a little in Spanish to some of these Italians…the only problem is, after acutely trying to tune into French for the past 5 weeks, I’m having a lot of trouble remembering even the basics of that wonderful language from Spain. Hope you’re not reading this Cristina…I bet you are, I solemnly promise to do some study in the next day or so…: )

The other thing I wanted to tell you is..I’m completely exhausted : (
I love long distance walking without a doubt..I love the freedom of being able to walk and stop when I want, I love being able traverse a country and feeling as if I’m part of the landscape rather than a tourist, I also love visiting places and seeing vistas that other travellers can only dream of.
It’s a long time to be on the road though..and when you’re tired after a long days walk and then faced with the monotony of securing accommodation, washing out precious clothing, emptying that pack and shaking out left over food, finding somewhere to eat, working out where to travel to the next day and then falling into bed absolutely exhausted…..it can become almost a bitter/sweet event : ) Please don’t think that the wonder of this journey is fading on me…far from it! I just wanted to share with you how we both feel from time to time…as any traveller does. There are often times when one dreams of the comforts of home and for me …my gorgeous daughters, family and special friends..I must tell you all, I miss you a lot and also I want to send a big, big welcome hug to my very new great nephew, Zavier Luke : ) : )

Ok…enough of that!! I need to tell you about today..but I’m afraid I will be brief tonight as I need my beauty sleep : ( and more importantly some time with my eyes shut, so as I can recharge my batteries …..: )

This morning as you know, we made the choice to catch the bus from Orsieres in Switzerland, to the closest town on the other side of Gr St Bernard’s tunnel in Italy, to our route. The tunnel crosses the border of these two countries. We alighted at Etroubles on the Italian side of the border, which in essence shortened our journey by about 40 kms. Sadly, we had to accept this and release the desire to travel down to Italy through the pass. It was not going to happen for us this time : ) on reflection there must be many walking the VF, who are faced with the same dilemma.

The 19 km walk that we completed today was very special. I’ll show you a few photos before I close my iPad down and hopefully drift off into a beautiful dreamed filled sleep…

Goodbye Switzerland…hello,Italy!

Suddenly, now we have entered Italy..the way marking is as clear as the Camino in Spain. No chance of putting a foot wrong : )





What a beautiful walk today..initially alongside a canal through shady forest tracks, then through fields littered with wildflowers..watched over by grand snow capped mountain ranges….. utterly incredible!


Exactly..how many chimneys does a house need?



Time to go now….special big hug to my precious girls,

Love to all,

Netia : ) X

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One Response to Orsieres to Aosta

  1. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Congratulations on your great nephew but you don’t look anything like old enough for such a boast x

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