Aigle to Saint-Maurice

Hello everyone!

Once again we’ve had a lovely day…

When we ventured out this morning, the rain was carelessly doing its thing..quite selfishly and in complete oblivion I might our comforts!!!. Employing excellent combat strategies we marched in to the local Coop..( Australia) and strode out 15 minutes later …triumphant!!

Actually, I’ve been saying to Jo all day…you remind me so much of something in that get out but I can’t think what it is…and you know what…it has just hit me! A teletubby!!!

Teletubbies reign supreme!! And nooooo….I’m not pretending to be pregnant!

Once we had walked out from the outskirts of Aigle, which was not nice : ( we headed up the valley following the Rhone River. The walk was ANOTHER highlight of our pilgrimage so far. Although the valley landscape on the opposite banks has been sadly given up to hydro electricity, our walk was stunning : ) As we made our way through the clearing rain, along a designated bike path the alps began to loom above times startling in their close proximity and grandeur. It was so lovely ambling along this track….with not much really occupying my mind. There was the melodious wafting of individual sounds…babbling water, tweeting birds and a cacophony of cow bells..somehow all melding into perfect harmony.

Tonight we are staying in a hotel run by the Franciscan fraternity, which I think is used mainly for conferences etc. they have a limited number of rooms available for travellers such as us..and we were lucky to procure two! The rooms are neat, clean and inexpensive ….ample for our needs, so we are very content : ) Sadly we were unable to stay at the Abbey but this is perfect!

The Internet here is extremely slow but hopefully I can load a few photos, to give you all a little idea of our walk today. Here goes!






Look at those peaks looming through the clouds!




Saint-Maurice is a delightful little town…or large village : ) surrounded by very pretty..actually….magnificent,breathtaking views… I think we’re in for a treat in the next few days as we head for Great Saint Bernard Pass. I’m lying in bed now, gazing out to the magical Swiss Alps..feeling, if I stretched out my arm I could grab a handful of snow from the walls of those mountains, so close.




Late this afternoon I visited the Abbey.I was the only one there for quite a while…until a lone monk entered…and sat quietly immersed in his own thoughts. It was very special to actually slip into a deep contemplative mode myself…something that I haven’t done for a while : )

Late this avo, Jo and I sat discussing our next nights accommodation and enjoyed a glass or two of wine whilst loading my photos to my Facebook page….a daily occurrence : ) hmmm…I m alluding to both 🙂 )

Time for bed for me now : )

Love Netia XX

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4 Responses to Aigle to Saint-Maurice

  1. Suzanne Lynch says:

    ‘Telly Tubby’ more like the ‘Michelin Man’
    But at least a dry one! Sensible idea those washing up gloves over the warm ones! The original pilgrims would have been impressed!
    Love to you both Sue L

  2. Susie says:

    Looking fab for approach to St Bernard pass!
    Will be great to hear all about it! Youse two would be about half way through your journey wouldn’t you? Well they say the first 1000kms are the hardest then it’s all downhill from there!! Looks like such fun following in Hannibals footsteps hang in there xxxx

  3. Chris says:

    Great blog. Good photos. I’m in a Chambre d’Hote just to the west of Thonon-Les-Bains. 68kms at an average of 18.7.

  4. jacqueline buchanan says:

    beautiful photos again. what camera do you have?

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