Lausanne to Aigle


Here we are now in Aigle, a small town which lies within a valley which leads us up towards Great St Bernard Pass…..our entry point into Italy.This valley, so far has been fairly flat, with high mountain ranges on either side. We can see distinctly the snow capped ranges we viewed from our bedroom windows in Lausanne. However the walk through the valley today, was disappointing as it was almost industrial in nature : ( A highlight on entering Aigle was the discovery of a gorgeous bridge dating back to Napoleons era…when apparently he traversed this bridge as he led his army over Great St Bernard Pass into Italy.


My day this morning began quite leisurely..and in fact the rest of the day followed suit : ) I awoke at about 7.30..answered some emails whilst enjoying a cup of tea, headed off for an indulgent breakfast…then set off to find my gloves…in case off inclement weather in the next week. If the weather turns sour…which indeed it could, warm waterproof gloves are of utmost importance to me as my hands literally are the first part of my body to feel the cold and they can become frozen in a very short time : ( I’m sooo disappointed that I lost my gloves somewhere in the depths of France.
The long and the short of it is..I did manage to procure some new gloves..which are very warm but certainly won’t be waterproof….pray for fine weather : )

Jo and I caught a ferry from Lausanne to Montreaux, about 5 kilometres from Villeneuve where we would start the climb up the valley to Great St. Bernard Pass. We had planned to take the ferry direct to Villeneuve but today, the ferry didn’t stop there. As it was..the walk between the two villages around the beautiful lake was really something not to be missed.

Some photos of our ferry trip and some of our walk to Villeneuve…



I took the above photos as the ferry was exiting the Lausanne dock.
The following photos.. were of the ferry trip to Montreaux. Such a beautiful shoreline…Some areas are obviously the play ground of the rich and famous… spectacular hotels and houses..but also some very interesting vineyards along the way..I presumed terraced as they were due to the slopes on which they were grown.








Jo and her idol…Freddy Mercury : )

Doggy doos…




The walk from Montreaux to Aigle was about 17 kms..a little more difficult to perform as it was the end of the day rather than the start…but we’re here.. safe and sound..hotel VERY expensive and basic but quite comfy. Cannot believe it! We’re paying 100 Swiss francs for almost boarding house accomodation in Australia! Outrageous!!

As we walked through Villeneuve the rain decided to welcome us : ( Surprisingly though..It wasn’t unpleasant. The drops were fine and before long the skies cleared.


Just when we were thinking the worst was behind us and a long fairly boring walk was ahead….we got lost! Not just a little lost…which we convinced ourselves that we were…but a very big lost!! Lo and behold…who should be cruising in our direction and wind down their window…(making me feel very guilty I might add..but really I can’t remember doing anything wrong..) but the police!!!! They were in fact sooo helpful and went out of they’re way to send us off on the right path, sadly ignoring our suggestions that they might drive us safely to Aigle : (



Well bedtime for me! Tomorrow we hope to stay in the Abbey in Saint – Maurice. Not sure whether I’ll have Internet…but I hope so cos its going to be so interesting!

Nighty night..

Love Netia X

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2 Responses to Lausanne to Aigle

  1. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Netia could you be a bit more specific on how you go lost so that we don’t follow suit. Thanks

  2. jacqueline buchanan says:

    PS Do you have maps. GPS or guidebook and which guidebook are you following?

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