Hi there!

Today, as I promised myself …was perfect : ) Exactly what I needed in order to recuperate, recharge the batteries and prepare for the challenging but no-doubt sensational days ahead. It was wonderful to completely upload my pack, give it a little scrub where the sweaty bits were starting to darken : ), air off stuff that needed a little freshening, chuck out that which was unnecessary…not much mind you: ( ….. and give myself the opportunity to feel in control of my measly possessions once again! This is what I love about pilgrimages such as the VF….and indeed any long distance trek, where your belongings are meagre…..every item is precious and of utmost importance. You can only carry as much as your physical capabilities will allow….which is not much! As I’ve said many times before…not sure on this blog or Camino… to be truly happy, life’s accumulated belongings are of no real significance. I know that’s an obvious statement but you really have to physically experience it, to understand it.

This morning I woke up at about 8.30! ( although totally as I expected), lay around in bed for a bit, sent a few emails, then trundled down for breakfast at about 9.30.. Jo was already there, tucking in heartily to eggs, lovely fresh WHOLEMEAL bread…..which we haven’t seen for a while, fresh fruit and coffee. I joined her with equalled enthusiasm!

We then set off on the highly tuned metro system here, ( something Australia seems to have missed in its rail way planning.) and arrived at the old part of Lausanne to view the amazing Lausanne Cathedral. Simply stunning. Building of this Gothic Cathedral was started in the middle ages.





This afternoon, we disappeared to our rooms and revelled in our own company : ) Such an indulgence! It’s a lovely feeling just to potter around by yourself..immersed in the basic chores you have to do…for me a long bath, backpack organisation,washing and emails… Can
Iife become any simpler?

I went for a walk once my things were in are a few photos.

Seeing so many clocks at once..almost made me go cuckoo!







Jo and I met for a glass of wine and a lovely plate of salad and were off again to our rooms by 8pm! Complete indulgence in the most basic sense of the word…. We were able to discuss, plan and indeed book our next days walk and accomodation..which was just great. We had two options available to us in our guide book. Option 1..walk around the lake to Villeneuve, which was in essence a 2 day walk and then head up to the Alps…or Option 2.. Catch the ferry across the lake to Monteaux, walk the 4 kms to Villeneuve and then walk another 10 kms to Aigle, where we would stay the night… you can guess our ultimate decision : )

Ok my friends.. another day is about to close for me…happily it’s still quite early and my bed is looking cosy and warm. The weather in the next few days seems to be for fine weather : ) Despite the snow capped distant alps, the temperature today was a warm and sunny 20 degrees…so cross your fingers, that this continues for us! In the morning before the ferry leaves at 11.45, I have to go in search of a pair of warm waterproof gloves, in preparation for inclement weather over the Alps… I lost my excellent north face gloves about 200 kms back : (

Night for now,

Love Netia X

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2 Responses to Lausanne

  1. Alan Steele says:

    Fantastic blog – I love every visit. Very wise to have a rest day before heading into the Alps.
    Completely understand the frustrations of finding accomodation!

  2. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Your photos are brilliant. I love the clocks

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