Orbe to Laussane!


Everything is just great : ) Jo and I are in our element! First I must back track though and tell you a little about our day today.

As you know, last night we were in Orbe….staying in a really horrible little hotel, with nothing going for it… If we had been paying 15 euros a night we would have said it was good value….but they fleeced us a whopping 80 swissfrancs…which was quite simply, outrageous! The saddest thing was there was literally nowhere else for us to stay..we were tired, actually the more appropriate word is exhausted,so we took what we could get. After sitting together in my dingy little room and scoffing off the cheese, tomato and fruit that we had purchased for today’s lunch, then washing it all down with a bottle….and a bit of wine : ) ,we both toddled off to bed, without a proper dinner, trying to obliterate our surroundings…… : ( Poor Jo was saying this morning,that she had not slept a wink as her room had a tiny window and she was fearful all night of the lack of fire escape!

Well now..we are far from that scenario..: ) but first a little more about our day and some photos!

The walk today took us mainly along thoroughfares which initially were a little hair raising but as we walked further out of Orbe, they graduated to quieter country roads.


Before we left Orbe we stopped into a gorgeous little patisserie and bought the most delicious rolls….as we had consumed all our food for today, the night before: ) Oh mi god.. The cakes and pastries in that shop,were simply amazing! The presentation was exquisite and our rolls were soooo tasty! We actually sat under a motorway today at lunchtime, to eat them..not the most pleasant of surroundings, as the noise from above was thunderous but the view
looking out was stunning.


Once we had left the outskirts of Orbe..which dragged on a bit..the countryside was very pretty.





I’m so sorry but I have more cow photos for you : ) I can’t resist them!! Just look at those faces!




As we walked today the wondrous alps of Switzerland..at first came very hazily into view and then gradually emerged more spectacularly : )




It is only a matter of days now before we will be climbing those majestic slopes..totally unbelievable for us..going to be tough lugging our backpacks but what an experience!!

We arrived early this afternoon in the small town of Etagnieres, where we had planned to stay tonight and then push on early tomorrow morning to Lausanne. On close expection of the Auberge…on the railway line and bearing in mind Jo’s very bad sleep the night before..we chose to push on and head to Lausaane. To our credit we made it!!

A few more photos of our walk before I tell you about Lausanne : )





Ok….. we arrived in Lausanne late this afternoon..very tired but extremely excited to be here. First stop we decided, was to sit at a cafe, have a refresher and try and google accommodation. We stumbled across an amazing deal…a hotel right on the Lake Leman with views over the snow capped alps…half price for 24 hours!!! I’m sitting in my room, pinching myself…just as a reminder that what I’m seeing and experiencing is actual not a mirage laid out in front of me : )



We have decided to have a rest day here. I for one, have only really had two rest days in almost five weeks. When you finally tell your brain that yes…you can have a little break, the body immediately takes advantage of this fact..and goes into total decline…a little defence mechanism..I am sure : )
Tomorrow is going to be total indulgence!!! First sleep in..and then breakfast at the latest possible time…then maybe more sleeps : ).. who knows….bliss…..

Night for now… so pleased for a sleep in tomorrow…you know, life is very good..make sure you make the most of it : )

Love Netia XX

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6 Responses to Orbe to Laussane!

  1. Lynne Wake says:

    Hi Netia.
    Enjoying following your journey. Your photos are fantastic, love that you can not resist a photo of the animals:) and the scenery is stunning. Your rest day in Lausanne sounds like utopia. Look forward to the next edition. Take care and stay well. Lynne xx

  2. Susie says:

    Sensational! You both look so fit happy & healthy! Enjoy a well deserved rest and some good food!! Xx

  3. Liz wells says:

    Ohhhh so amazing…SWitzerland xx

  4. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Oh it looks wonderful. I hope we make it to Switzerland

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