Pontarlier to Orbe


Hello…from Switzerland!!

Can you believe it…we have traversed the whole way down through France and now have entered a new country…. very hard for us to comprehend…. Not quite sure exactly now how many kilometres we have travelled but it must be in excess of 800!! As the kilometres fade away, we have lost interest in how many we have walked and how many we still have to go. Our day to day focus now is, our accomodation for the night…where we can eat and what provisions can we obtain before our next days walk…just in case we encounter village upon village, with no facilities. Generally we try to set off with a slab of cheese, a tomato, baguette and fruit, each morning..just in case there’s nothing open along the way. I must tell you, we are always hanging out for a coffee about 5-10 kms in to each morning of walking…..but sadly in France, the infrastructure, in the areas we have walked through is just not there..but hopefully in Switzerland it improves : ) I firmly believe the VF will be, one day, one of the worlds great pilgrims walks. The scenery is magnificent and in many ways is superior to the Camino Frances..which I walked last year… but there needs to be intensive work done on the infrastructure of the VF to make it more pilgrim friendly. One of the main issues on this pilgrimage, that I think needs to be addressed, is the lack of continuity of signing of the route. I know there are four countries involved…but how difficult is it for them all to collaborate and come up with a dedicated pilgrims route that everyone would find easy to follow? There are so many poor, very desolate…however at the same time very beautiful…. villages, in France that the VF travels through, who would benefit greatly from an increase in pilgrim traffic.

Anyway!! Let me tell you a little about our day…actioned packed as they always are, so many incidents, decisions and variables in which to consider: ) Today we walked a little over 27 kms.

Our wonderful host from Nans-sous-Sainte Anne…Francis, met us this morning at Pontarlier in order to give us instructions to follow, of a route that he felt was more authentic of the way that was travelled by the pilgrims in the middle ages, than the one that our guide books indicated. It was more direct and cut about 20 kms off our route it seemed to Orbe ..so we were eager to be guinea pigs!

Francis accompanied us on foot in sections but then drove a little along the way in his car..in order to meet us at certain spots, to direct us in the correct direction, as we didn’t have detailed maps of his route.

The route that he suggests is very beautiful…here are a few images..







Actually…not a few images..many images! The next one is of our first glimpse of snow!


Lunch stop!!





Hmmmm… Naughty girls…


We are actually sitting on the stone that designates the border between France and Switzerland! yay!!!


An amazing view of one of the old Roman roads that we walked along!


Well tonight, we have settled into very basic..

..but very expensive ….certainly not through choice ….accomodation in Orbe.. : )

Love NetiaX

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13 Responses to Pontarlier to Orbe

  1. themazzons says:

    Congratulations girls. What a mile stone. I can’t believe you are in Switzerland already either. It’s fantastic. Happy hiking. Xxxxx

  2. Victoria Middleton says:

    Congrats!! I’m feeling very humbled as I set off on my Saturday morning walk around the Lilydale Lake!!

  3. Rose&Ken says:

    Congratulations on your conquest of France! Two countries down and two to go. The blog is now part of our bedtime routine, so keep it up. Thinking of you both as you will have a great time in Switzerland. With love.xx

  4. Claude Essiembre says:

    Congratulations Netia. Wow, England and France already behind you. I feel a bit jealous not being there. How are your feet holding up?

  5. Lucy says:

    Awesome job mum! Switzerland is such a beautiful country! Enjoy it….you’ll have lots of time to take in your surroundings!
    I especially loved that last pic šŸ™‚ cute.
    Love u xxx

  6. Jill says:

    Congrats girls, a mighty effort. Did Jo buy a new blue top to celebrate!!!!!????????

  7. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Netia when you get back home and are settled please could you let us know about the route you took today so that we can cut some of our journey too. Thank you. Jackie

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