Nans-sous-Sainte Anne to Pontarlier

Hi everybody!!

Well, here we are on the road again after spending two great nights with Francis.

Yesterday was a rest day…which was very welcome : ) We spent a pleasant morning having a scout around in a little nearby, very pretty village called Ornans, while Francis ferried his delightful elderly neighbours into Besancon, in order to attend a doctors appointment. Somehow I lost Jo in between her buying a present for a new baby in the family…and the post office! I filled the two hours before Francis was to pick us up by visiting the original house of a well known local artist, Gustave Corbet. Since his death in the 1800s,the house has been converted to a museum and art gallery. I had a very pleasant stroll around this pretty little gallery, sat outside for a little while hoping to see Jo, then decided to walk the very steep climb to view the Chateau on the hill overlooking Ornans.



I passed this little donkey, who brayed soooo loudly as I climbed up into the distance, I had to back track and say hello to him: )

The view from the chateau looking over Ornans.

On our return to Nans, Francis very kindly drove me to our intended destination today, in order to secure accommodation. Sadly, once again anything we tried, was either booked out or was no longer in operation since our guide was published. On return to Francis ‘ house in Nans, Jo and I made the executive decision to start our walk today a little out of Besacon and walk to Ouhans, at the head of the most beautiful gorge and indeed the source of the powerful river Loue…which we would walk along.

20120517-213619.jpgThis a birdseye view of the valley we walked along today.

Francis, outside his gorgeous little house where we have been staying for the past two days.

Today…what can I say! It was the most spectacular walk!! We walked for a good part of the day up the Loue River Valley..following this powerful beautiful river. We were treated to the strengths of this waterway not only visually, with it’s stunning motion through cascading and eddying falls but also aurally, as we integrated its roar and flow into our senses.


Francis, alternated today between walking with us for a bit ..then driving a little upstream, where he then rejoined us. He finally left us to go and pick up his partner Covy, in Portarlier, then they both met us in Ouhans for lunch…and then we shared dinner with them : )

The walk this morning at first took us through fields and vineyards but quickly we were drawn along the valley and up the Loue River.


Via Francigena signs we spotted…actually interestingly, they are far more frequent here than anywhere else along this way.



The path took us by three or four little villages perched precariously over the banks of the river.


In places a lacey web of tree roots provided us with a system of natural steps where we could maintain a stable foothold.


The river valley was guarded by towering rock cliffs, which impacted on our human feelings of insignificance, in a natural setting such as this.


As the end of day of walking drew to an end, we ordered a much needed sandwich…! Look at the size of them!! Massive : )

Well..goodnight to you all, not long now until we enter Switzerland. The day after tomorrow, in fact!!!
The kilometres are melting away….

Love and big hugs,

Netia XX

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2 Responses to Nans-sous-Sainte Anne to Pontarlier

  1. Jill says:

    Hi Girls, Back home safe and sound and happy. You look like you are in my type of country now, very beautiful.I am having Xray done on the foot, looks like plantar fascitis with a huge hard section along the muscle caused from a past injury not mending well, out look is positive and that is the main thing. Russ and I are headed off for 4 days down the coast camping and some walking. I start the age care course today (Friday) . Everybody is well here. Keep the blog coming ,I am happy to see you both having such an adventure. Lots of love Jill xx

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Jill, Glad that you’re happy! Lots of stories to tell here..the list goes on : ) In Switzerland now! Adventures continue mostly very very good but the occasional very very bad : ) so many stories to tell! Keep in touch, Netia XX

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