Dampierre to Nans- sous-Sainte Anne

Hi there everyone!

At this moment, we’re now in Nans-sous-Sainte Anne..a little village about 1/2 an hours drive from Besancon. Those of you are familiar with the VF, might be asking yourselves… are they lost? : )
On the contrary…all is right on track! Our host for the next night or two is Francis Geere. I connected with him on the via francigena yahoo site, where he initially, very kindly offered to accept a small package of stuff, which I sent to him…better than carrying it all the way!! As a result, he offered to have us to stay for a night or two, as we passed through on our way ..and that’s exactly what we’re doing!

We’ve been very fortunate to have had an easy day of walking today…just 14 kms. The arrangement with Francis was that he collect us somewhere along our route in the early afternoon, as he had prior commitments ..but as it turned out he found us earlier than expected!! So nice for us….as the kms melt away you don’t really think about anything else but the next day..but when the occasion presents itself to rest, the full realisation of the necessity to take time out..becomes very evident : )

Frances, has been an excellent host for this part of France! He has an expansive knowledge of the history of this area and indeed has an avid interest of the original route taken by Archbishop Sergeric, way back in 990AD. Although his little village is a little off the route that we are walking, he has more than graciously offered to help us along or way in terms of transport…to which we are greatly indebted. We’re not quite sure what tomorrow will bring…Jo hasn’t felt well today, a little tummy bug we hope…but we may stay a night or two here : ) Such a lovely welcoming environment …and very comfy accommodation! Thank you Francis!!

This morning we left Dampierre at about 9.30. Poor Jo was feeling unwell, so after finding an open pharmacy with the necessary medication..we set off.

A few photos along the way : )










That’s all from me tonight…


Netia Xx

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One Response to Dampierre to Nans- sous-Sainte Anne

  1. Susie says:

    Hi to you both it’s Susie here. Just sent you another email Jo but hadn’t seen this latest entry! Glad youre both going to have a bit of a rest avec Francis!! Jo sorry to hear you have tummy bug.. Peut-être trop beacoup de vin rouge et les ailments riche chez Madame? Glad to hear you been to pharmacy and taking it easy for a couple of days keep the fluids up. Francis sounds fascinating.. Netia, hi your blogs are great really informative and insightful – looking forward to meeting you when you get back!
    Sounds like you’re both coping extremely well physically and mentally are aligned to the pilgrim’s philosophy which gives you such strength. Good on you both! Look forward to next entry xxooo

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