Langres to Champlitte to Dampierre-sur-Salon

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe what happened to this blog last night! I sat down after dinner..determined to get down a few details of our day, before allowing my head to hit the pillow with an exhausted, weary whimper. ..: ) All was going well and I was about to say nightly- night when suddenly the days events disappeared into the mysterious world of cyber space. Gone! Actually….not just gone to some other spot on my computer where it could be readily retrieved…but completely gone!!! I tried everything to find my measly little account of the day….but to no avail : (

So…my blog today will start with my hazy recollections of yesterday!

The morning was cool but the sky blue and the sun smiled cheerily at us on and off throughout the day, as it peaked randomly from behind white fluffy clouds.

Again the accommodation issue raised its ugly head, so the decision was made to get a taxi a little way out of Langres and then walk about 27 + of the 40 kms into Champlitte. We were entertained by a delightfully animated taxi driver, who dropped us off along a very pretty forest road just out of Chalindrey. We managed to glean from his gestures, that not far down the road, was a smaller forest track leading to La Chapelle Notre Dame des Bois. Having no idea what he was referring to..we were excited to indeed find such a signpost about a kilometre along our way, so decided to go and check it out. The path led us down an exceptionally pretty little road, between towering leafy trees, fresh with the new growth of Spring. We had no idea how far we would be walking and indeed, what we would find at the end but our inquisitive steps led us deeper into the forest. About 700 metres later we came across a clearing with a delightful gold cross and a small chapel…obviously under restoration.




We scoured around and Jo, after depositing her backpack disappeared down a steep track to see what she could find. I in the meantime, tried the door of the little chapel which swung easily open. I ventured in. Inside was hauntingly eerie …surprisingly there were no light fittings and I was greeted to a stark interior, however with beautiful stained glass windows….there was something about this place….a strange mixture of comfort and uncertainty.


I discovered an open book which I carried outside into the sunlight and it contained many comments from people.. mainly French…who obviously used this little chapel to come and pray. Whilst completely engrossed , trying to decipher the comments within, I became aware that Jo had been gone for some time. After madly cooeeing her…which only us Aussies will understand : ) she emerged from the track, flushed and announcing that she had discovered nothing. Heaving on our packs, we decided to make our way back to the road and continue on our way, when I heard a gentle far away melodic sound…almost as if carried on a breeze..but different. I said to Jo…’I can hear singing’ , to which she replied ‘ It ‘s only the wind ‘. With that, we both heard it loud and clear again.. It was an incredibly powerful situation…together we have talked a little about what we experienced but both of us are fully aware that it was not the wind….. Hmmmm..on to the day!

I just intend to show you a few photos from yesterday to give you a little glimpse of the countryside that we passed through. I have no wifi at the Chambres d’Hotes that we are staying in tonight so I’ve had to venture out and find a hotel with a connection…hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back on track….. : )







We came across another pilgrim in Champlitte, Bart! He’s from Denmark, speaks great English and also is on his way to Rome. I’m sure that we’ll cross paths along the way regularly now…as indeed we will with Yong. Bart actually was with Yong only a few days ago so he’s definitely on a similar path to us at this moment : )

Look at my bed for the night, in Champlitte!! I slept like a princess!

Today, our walk to Dampierre was a short day… about 18 kms. We walked mainly on the road but the day was simply gorgeous and we passed through seven little villages before arriving at Dampierre..our destination for tonight. Sadly, in all these little crumbling villages, although all very pretty in their own right..there seemed to be no sign of life…at all!! No bars, cafes in operation, no people…although there was obviously inhabitants. There were little shops, which bore the marks of being inhabitated many years before…but certainly not now.


To finish, a few more doggy photos..I can never resist!!



I needed to tell you so much more from today but I’ll try and slot it in somehow tomorrow : )

Love to all,

Netia X

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3 Responses to Langres to Champlitte to Dampierre-sur-Salon

  1. Bram Deknatel says:

    Fantastic Netia,I admire your drive! Bram

  2. Liz wells says:

    I just love reading your blog Venetia….would love to be there walking it with you but I do not think I could keep up… best thing is your blog…fantastic journey and really feel like I am there with you xxxx

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