Bonjour from Langres!

Well, this morning I woke at 9 am to the sound of Jo tapping on my door…she was heading out for a coffee but I chose to rollover and luxuriate in my comfy bed.. The morning was cool and grey but now, the afternoon has crystallised into one of magnificent blue skies! It’s such a pleasure to be going nowhere : ) Jo and I spent a decadent hour at the hairdresser, having our poor dehydrated locks conditioned..and then this afternoon I’ve been able to catch up on emails and precious contact with those from home. Tomorrow, we’ll be ready to tackle the next stage of this wonderful journey!

Yesterday we left Chateauvillain with Langres set in our sights. In order to do this we again had to enlist the services of a friend of our proprietor Maggie, who drove us through some beautiful countryside before depositing us in Mormant. From there we had a long 28 km walk into Langres. After calling all the available accommodation in between and getting either no response, or an inability to put us up for the night we had no other alternative than to get to Langres. Most of the accommodation that we tried is so small, that lots of factors influence their ability to take guests for the night. For instance one that we tried as a halfway point between Chateauvillain and Langres, was unable to take us in as the owner was caring for her sick mother. For anyone planning to walk the VF, I would strongly advise in this part of France, or on reflection in ALL of France to make sure you phone ahead : ) One day in the near future..I am sure, there will be an abundance of infrastructure for pilgrims along this way…similar to the Camino Frances but in the meantime…WALK PREPARED! It’s kind of nice though,as this pilgrimage lacks the predictability of the Camino many ways it’s far more pristine but it’s certainly wonderful to have a friend to enjoy it with : )

Yesterday we again came across Yong, who walked with us for a bit. After a little while he gave us the slip…we’re sure he stands out on the motorways when he can with his thumb out: ) We laughed that he probably looked at us and thought that one was a better chance of a lift than three : ) Anyway, it was great to see him again! He really is a lovely person, highly entertaining and quite the charmer : ) He had the nuns at Clairvaux, smiling lovingly at him and glued to his every word. Haha!!

It again was a lovely walk into Langres…but very hot! As I mentioned last blog, the time is drawing near when we will have to get up earlier and set off before the heat of the day can inhibit our progress.


Sadly yesterday, as we were transported out of Clairvaux to Mormant..we missed a wonderful part of the VF. I had a glimpse of it as I had a little wander around Clairvillain before breakfast. We were to walk through an incredibly beautiful park which stretched for 40 kms…hidden behind enormous wooden doors. It was remarkably beautiful. On opening the doors, which appeared locked, I was treated to an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ like scene.. totally amazing!





A few photos from yesterday, then you must forgive me..I think I’m going to have another little lie down : )






We stopped for lunch at a gorgeous lavoir…one of a few that we have come across that still are operating but not obviously as they were originally intended. The water was clear, very cold and incredibly welcoming on our hot tired feet. Boots and socks were discarded rapidly and we allowed the icy waters to soothe away the aches and pains. We ate our lunch of cheese, tomato, crusty bread and a little chocolate treat , which we had purchased back in Chateauvillain, under the shade of a nearby, gorgeous tree. We lay in the long green grass, staring up through its branches…feeling tired but happy to be alive : )


I’m off now… hopefully I have Internet tomorrow…. we’re not sure yet where we’re heading but it will be definitely pointed towards Rome : )

Love Netia X

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3 Responses to Langres

  1. Hi Netia,
    You two are not alone out there at all, I have been reading Janet’s blog simultaneously with yours and I am hoping you guys meet up. She is Australian as well!! She is just two days behind you so plan a rest day. Its fun to be following both of you from Canada and now I can introduce you to each other. I have given her the link to your blog and her is her’s.

  2. Elizete says:

    Hi Netia, as always, thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Yu guys are tuly amazing!
    Sending lots of love xxx

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