Chateauvillain to Langres

Hello my friends : )

Well, here we are in Langres! At last!! The most wonderful thing…without a doubt, is that we’ve booked here for two nights, so tomorrow is a complete rest day! Tomorrow, the forecast is for rain and thunderstorms..and Im really hoping that when I wake, the heavens will be open and the gods will be thrashing out a symphony…..I intend to pull the covers over my head and fall back into complete oblivion : )
For some reason it feels like a bit of a milestone, now that we have arrived in Langres…so many kms that we’ve already covered and without doubt, so many kms still to go: ) However now, I think we’ve broken the back of this monster….and had a whole lot of fun doing it! As I mentioned last blog, at times, it certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park but we’ve had so many wonderful, wonderful experiences, which have been incredibly rewarding!

A few photos of our walk into the impressive small town of Langres.



Yesterday, we farewelled the nuns and strode off towards Chateauvillain, our spirits lifted, due to the stunning morning. Actually the day became very warm and by the time we arrived at Chateauvillain, our exposed arms and legs, we’re sunburnt! France is warming the further south we travel….Spring is fading and before long the harsh heat of Summer will, most probably force us to rise earlier, in order that our days are ended before the heat of Italy, sucks us dry.

Without going into to much detail, I’d like to show you a few of my photos from yesterday. Just a tiny, tiny blog tonight..I feel I need a night to catch up as now I’m a day or two behind due to lack of Internet. As I ALWAYS say, there’s continually so much more to say….so much more I want to tell you all but I can’t possibly convey it to you in a blog such as this : ) However hopefully, you can feel the experience that we are going through…from your comments, I think you have a good understanding. : )

First stop, the travelling patisserie…a little like Mr. Whippee.






Sorry but the cows were out in full force yesterday..: )




Near the end of another long day of walking…not far to go..this photo says it all : )

Bedtime for me!!! Tomorrow is a blissful rest day… I can’t wait to feel the crisp sheets beneath my skin and snuggle down into my bed… I’ve already checked out the linen in our 2 * hotel…. and all looks ok: ) Lots more to tell you tomorrow.

Before I sign off for the night, I really want to thank those of you who have recently donated so generously towards our special cause..CanTeen. We appreciate it enormously….your generous offerings will go a long way to ensuring our special young people in Australia who are living with Cancer, have a more positive outlook for their futures. I think it’s important that you all realise.. as its something thats being concerning me a little…actually I have to admit, a LOT,as I walk and contemplate…this campaign that we’re running is nothing about us..please don’t feel that we’re walking to raise money for CanTeen in order to feel good about ourselves …..nothing could be further from the truth…its nothing about us but its totally …ALL about CanTeen! We’re certainly not the ones in need : ) … if you had any inclination to support CanTeen, please don’t forget!!!

Hmmmmm…enough from me ..I’m off to bed..

Love and big hugs,

Netia X

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3 Responses to Chateauvillain to Langres

  1. Hannah B says:

    You’re a good egg Mumma… Proud that I come from you! 🙂 xx

  2. Sally Rogers says:

    Enjoy your day off Netia and Jo !!! ………xxx
    .Love your comment Hannah !! xx

  3. Jill says:

    Hi girls. Miss you both and must admit happy you are still enjoying a wine or two!!! Journey looks as if it is going well and I am sooo happy I did not have to sleep on plasic, sarongs come in handy Jo.
    Right foot is still very sore and I had to hobble around the shops in Paris for days!!!!!
    Love to both Jill xxxxx

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