Reims to Chalons-en-Champagne

Well..hi there to everyone!

Another amazing day has evaporated….with so much to tell you and so little time : ) It’s now 10.35 pm here in France…so I’ll try and tell you as much as I can of our day before my eyelids begin to droop.

This morning we farewelled Jill. A sad occasion..she is a lot of fun, gorgeous and very perceptive but unfortunately for her, she physically….only due to her feet : ( and possibly mentally was not prepared for such a journey as this. As you know, she only had a short few weeks to prepare before she left Australia. I think to attempt the VF, it’s a huge advantage to do shorter long distance walks…such as the Camino, where you get a good understanding of the expenditure needed in a pilgrimage such as ours.

Jo and I set off a little later than we would have preferred ….after catching a taxi to the outskirts of Reims. We made this decision, after looking at the accommodation options…and again came up with very little. Today we walked a whopping 35kms but we arrived in Chalons-en-Champagne, where we had booked beds for the night, feeling very tired, elated and with a general air of great accomplishment.

It was such a wonderful walk today…and again special things happened : )

As you know we are now in the Champagne district in France…incredibly, I think we have now traversed about 400 kms of the VF!

The way this morning was stunning…now we are seeing rows upon rows of vines..all meticulously pruned and tended.


I guess the absolute highlight of our journey today was walking roughly 16 kms along one of Frances amazing canal systems. It was very beautiful, tranquil and although it was a long continuous path, laid out in front of us…there was so much to see and take in.

I’m about to show you a few photos of our walk…as indeed now, my eyelids have just about dropped : ) however, I want to tell you first, about today’s highlight.

Jo and I were tramping along the canal path together, when in the distance, we noticed a barge, slowly floating down the canal in our direction. Jo is very keen to learn as much as she can of the canal life, as next year, she hopes to do a similar trip in Burgundy with her husband, to celebrate his birthday. The barge came into view and as it was about to pass I noticed it had an Australian flag , jauntily waving. We both yelled out…. ‘how ya going mate’ and we had a very, very brief but enjoyable Aussie response from the couple on board. The most amazing and absolutely delightful thing about all this is.. I arrived back at my hotel tonight after dinner and found a comment left on this blog from the couple on board the barge..Jo and Peter….who had recognised us as Aussies…most obviously: ) but somehow they had found my blog?? Totally unbelievable! : )

A few photos.. A condensed blog tonight..but I can do no more as I’m depleted : )

I can’t even begin to imagine,how,old this vine is!








Bedtime for me! 12am here and I need to hop onto bed : ) Today was such a wonderful day for both of us… Many more to come.
Netia Xx

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11 Responses to Reims to Chalons-en-Champagne

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful the area you are travelling through now …And you sound like you both have the bounce back in your step again after all the wet muddy days !!! So look forward to reading your Blog each day ..Lots of love xx

  2. Elizabeth Weels says:

    Missed a couple…but have now caught up. I am passing on your blog to my friends in PNG to read. What a great journey and feeling of satisfaction you must be saturated in as you progress. Mum and dad are also enjoying your walk. Spoke to mum yesterday and it is their highlight each day to read your blog. I have just made cornish pasties and eating as I read. take care love Liz xxx
    Oh I nearly forgot…enjoy a glass of champagne for me. x

  3. Elizabeth Wells says:

    wow spelt my surname wrong

    • Hannah B says:

      haha Liz, I was wondering why Mum hasn’t told me about an Aunt I didn’t know of ‘Liz Weels’

  4. Francis says:

    Hi there
    Well done so far. Real talent at descriptive writing and photography. Sorry I won’t meet Jill, but I guess she’ll accompany you on the blog and be more experienced for your next marathon!!

    If it’s of much significance, at Reims you were exactly halfway from Calais to chez moi here in Franche-Comte where you can rest up for as long as you like before tackling our slopes up and over to Switzerland. Very little snow left now on your way over the Jura. Rather muddy after much rain, but a few dry days will see to that.

    Looking forward to greeting you both.
    Onwards and upwards

  5. Masson says:

    What an incredible journey! Your record of 400km walking through the VF is really impressive and you actually inspired me to take up a journey like yours sometime in the near future. It must be really rewarding passing through beautiful places such as Chalons-en-Champagne. Good luck as you continue with your journey and I’ll certainly be looking forward to reading more exciting posts on your blog.

  6. wheresnetia says:

    Thanks Denise! Tired girls here today but resting up! X

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