Peronne to Trefcon to Tergnier

Hello everybody!

Yesterday was really really lovely. The weather for most of the day while we were walking, was sunny, warm and still…a stark contrast to the day before : ) and someone up there is looking after us…I’m completely sure of that!!

We left our hotel in Peronne in the morning yesterday, having made the decision to just wing it! We were unable to secure any accommodation..anywhere..even with the help of the lovely receptionist at the hotel, so we decided to start walking and see what eventuated…


The way was very pretty but there was also a LOT of mud! We walked out of Peronne and before long we were on a pleasant disused rail way line… lovely to begin, until THE MUD!



Before long we had stripped down to tshirts and if our shorts hadn’t been in the dark depths of our packs they would have been pulled on as well…it really was a very beautiful day. There were many beautiful sights along the way.


Unfortunately yesterday and today were….and are public holidays in France….therefore NOTHING IS OPENED! In most cases not even the smallest of bars..there really was a complete necessity for us to go shopping on Saturday and stock up on food but we didn’t : (
Our lunch yesterday, was in a gorgeous setting, lazing outside a cute little wayside chapel….but lunch was a meagre affair…left over cheese and scraps of bread from the day before,nuts found in the dark recesses of our packs and a few crumbs of broken muesli bars : ((

The day brightened however when tired and thirsty we called into a small camping ground along the way….which in effect was closed but the delightful Madame, took us into her home and fed us coffee and chocolates ,THEN , she found us a place to sleep in Trefcon and rang ahead and confirmed our beds! We could not have been more grateful : )



It was with a spring in our steps, that we walked the final kms into Trefcon along a truly delightful little lane, which led us up into a wide open field of freshly planted crops : ) Hmmmm….but here our newly acquired verve and enthusiasm quickly was dashed as we became a little confused with our directions….actually I sadly must admit, that I led the girls on an exploratory trip across a muddy field in search of a road which supposedly would lead us into Trefcon but in reality we had crossed our desired little country lane into Trefcon…..unnoticed. The village, supposedly Trefcon, which we spied in the distance and strode towards in true pioneering fashion was another village altogether. By this stage we were a little weary, after walking a good 26 kms that day…but as luck would have it, when we stopped to ask directions ( and our kind, new French friend pointed out Trefcon in the distance)..not sure whether it was our beaten expressions or our dishevelled looks but she offered to drive us the few short kms to our destination : )


Our wonderful accommodation for the night was the Gite Val d’ Omigan and our hosts Madame Danielle and Monsieur Hubert were absolutely the most wonderful hosts. They run a small Gite but have equestrian facilities as well, so we were able to enjoy their beautiful Clydesdale horses as well


They treated us to a wonderful meal of fresh vegies, local cheeses and meats, delicious apple deserts and a little bit too much French wine….possibly a reason why this blog didn’t happen last night. : )

This morning we woke for a 7am breakfast, of coffee, crusty bread and jam….fairly standard and again we were helped with accommodation by wonderful, helpful French folk. Danielle warned us not to stay in the hotels in Tergnier, our destination but instead booked us into the Auberge Vendeuil, a small village about 10 kms away from Tergnier. We made a desk ion to walk to Tergnier…an industrial railway town and then get a taxi out to our accommodation.

Today we walked 32 kms…another massive day for us but we did so in good spirits and humour.

Enjoying a meal last night with our gorgeous hosts.

We set off, this time forearmed…as today is also a public holiday…with a crust loaf of bread and some very smelly cheese, both procured from Madame Danielle.

We stopped for a quick coffee at a cafe beside a lake in a little village called Etreillers, which was great. We had been forewarned by Danielle and Hubert that nothing would be open today after 12.. and right they were!

The highlight of today’s walk was rambling alongside the Canal de Saint- Quentin for about 10 kms, it was very beautiful.


A couple more photos from today before I sign off. Lots of photos this blog…sorry!!!




Before I go, I must tell you about our experience in Tergnier! We arrived very tired…wondering how we were going to get to our auberge, 10 kms away… First, we decided, we would find a bar..sit down..have a welcome glass of vino to celebrate the end of another long day and then try and order a taxi. Well, we forgot that there was NOTHING open in this area today not even the local bar. We trudged, probably another 2 kms around Tergnier…a very, very depressing poorer town, feeling slightly threatened by our surroundings, when we finally stumbled across an open bar. The gentleman inside spoke no English , was a little rough around the edges but finally produced 3 very bad glasses of vino. Under the circumstances of a long day, we threw them down anyway and then got to wondering how to go about ordering a taxi. The bar gentleman’s friend, very kindly offered to drive us the 10 kms to our destination and without hesitation we piled into his car, gratefully accepting his offer. Something I hope my gorgeous girls at home NEVER do! Actually we’re becoming quite accustomed to hopping into the cars of strangers, solely to ease our aching legs!

Our home tonight is warm, clean and comfy : )

Bedtime for me….I’ve rambled on for far to long.

Love to all,

Netia X

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2 Responses to Peronne to Trefcon to Tergnier

  1. Suzanne Lynch says:

    Jo, Netia and Jill -‘Go Girls’ seems you are making good time as you walk along those amazing tracks and villages – I start the day with you blog and pretend and wish I was with you every step of the way! The job to do upon your return is to put all the fabulous photos in a travel manual – they are gorgeous. Cold and wet here at cape schanck but at least I know where my bed is each night! Travel safe girls avoir xxx

  2. Hannah B says:


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