Arras to Peronne

Bonjour : )

I am so tired.. tonight I’m just checking in to tell you all briefly about our BIG day and then sleep time for me! I think we have done our wonderful organisation, CanTeen, who we are hoping to raise lots of money for, proud today…we have done what we have set out to do….walked the distance, through shockingly windy conditions this afternoon…but then managed to come up smiling tonight, triumphant!

This morning we woke bright and early, had a good breakfast at our hotel and were out the door by 7.30am….we had many kilometres to cover as we wanted to walk as far as we could towards Peronne, where we have accommodation,for the night. Sadly, as I mentioned yesterday, we were unable to find accommodation on our route between Arras and Peronne, so our only option was to walk as many of the 42 odd kms that we had before us as we could…..and we did this magnificently…36 kms to be exact!!

I have to bow my head to Jill as she showed great resilience and determination today : ) As I have said, she decided to join us on this journey only about 3 weeks before we were to set off, so although she is physically very fit, she had done no training with a pack and her boots were old, heavy and really not suitable for this type of trek. Yesterday, those boots HAD to be replaced, so we found some much more suitable ones for her in a store in Arras. That being the case, those new boots, today had to walk 36 kms! A very, very big ask….and she arrived at our final stop very exhausted but with such a will to continue..dismissing all the pain she must have felt. I feel so proud of her and I know as we get further down the track she’ll be the one leading the way : )

The morning was really beautiful…eerily misty..and still….but not the afternoon!!





This afternoon, the wind was so strong, it was almost cyclone force and it was an enormous task just to stay upright let alone in a forward motion! Very, very tough conditions…slowing down our pace considerably.


The first VF way marker we have spotted for a few days..actually it’s an occasion for great excitement when we indeed find one! Check ou the sky in the background…stunning!!!

Spring is in the air!!


Our route through northern France is taking us directly through the sites of WW1 battlefields, so there are lots of reminders in the form of graveyards and trenches.

20120429-223215.jpgThe end of a long day : )

As always, so tired and lots of things that I still want to say, have been left unsaid…but I have to say… our star today, is Jill : )

Night everyone…yaaaawn……..

Love Netia XX

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11 Responses to Arras to Peronne

  1. Victoria Middleton says:

    Go Jill! Tremendous effort! Xx

  2. Sally Rogers says:

    Wow…. Super effort girls .. !! Well done Jill ! That last photo says it all ..xx

  3. I am really enjoying your blogs Netia. I emailed your hosts at Amettes to see if we could stay there too in July. I am not a big fan of pre booking but I loved your description of the place. Congrats on such a long day!

  4. themazzons says:

    Girls Girls Girls, So lovely to catch up on your journey and I must admit to feeling a little envious. That wonderful feeling of traveling so lightly and setting our each day – the adventure! Antonio and I also spent some time in Arras and loved it, the city, the market and ALL the French countryside, including the somberness of La Somme.
    We will be following you closely and are proud of you all. Love and hugs to Jo.
    We miss your laughter on the Merricks trail!

  5. themazzons says:

    Girls Girls Girls. I have finally found your blog to follow your travels. Its wonderful and makes me feel a little jealous. That lovely feeling of traveling so lightly and each day setting off into Adventureland!!! Antonio and I also spent time in Arras and loved it – really loved the market, the city, the French countryside, even the somberness of La Somme!
    We will be following closely and are proud of you all. Big hugs and love to Jo. We miss the sounds of your laughter on the Merricks trail.

  6. themazzons says:

    PS – How do I subscribe???

  7. Paul Clayton says:

    Hi Girls. Great to read your blog Netia. Notwithstanding your challenges, we’d all swap places in an instant!. Enjoy that footrub Jill. Love, Paul.

  8. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Well done Jill poor you having to walk 72kms in 2 days

  9. jacqueline buchanan says:

    PS I Hope your new boots are easily broken in

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